Requiem For A Nation

 Sad is the downfall of a nation. Throughout history nations have been established and nations have been brought down. Some of these nations have been dominant in the history of mankind; nations and empires like the Babylonian Empire and the Assyrian Empire and the Grecian Empire and the Roman empire and the Egyptian empire. Nations who ruled much of the known world were all brought low. Some of these nations remain today in a lowly state much the less than their glorious selves. Nations like Egypt and Germany, Greece and Britton, and even Turkey used to play important roles in the world but have been relegated to countries of second mention.

As we see in farming and as we see in individual lives that we reap what we sow, so too nations will reap what they sow as well. This said I believe we are witnessing the degradation of a once great country; the country of the United States of America. We are, at this point in time, standing on a precipice.

If you look at our country today we have never been more divided, never been more at odds with one another than at any time in history. Even the Civil war was based upon mainly two mandates slavery and states rights. Today we have numerous areas of division. Everybody in America today is not defined for the good that we are united in but we are defined by the bad that we are divided by.

Black lives matter adherents shout out that they hate all white people and want all white people to die. While the white supremacist proclaims the same for the black race. Is not this the very racism and violence that Rev Martin Luther King JR. was adamantly against. Did he not want unity of spirit where white and black could live and play together as one. He proclaimed that statement many times and he did so without being combative or violent.

Listen all lives matter; born lives and unborn lives, black lives and white lives, yellow lives and red lives. Life is the Almighty's precious gift to mankind. How are we going to use this wonderful gift? Are we going to snuff out that life before it gets a chance to change the world? Are we going to fight and berate one another? Are we going to shoot and kill one another because of what color of skin we have been born with? This is ridiculous, that we would waste this precious gift battling between ourselves as to which life has more importance. All life is important to the Lord. All life is important to the world. And all life is important to the future. All life is precious and should be revered and protected.

We are divided in America by our stance on the constitution. Our forefathers set up a nation where they believed that each individual had the freedom to do their best at whatever they chose as their profession.  This would take years  and many lives to bring about but they believed it when they signed the constitution. This would require individual work and fortitude to attain those goals. They never envisioned a nation where the government was to provide for all of our needs and we just sit there in slavish obedience to the cashier doling out the gifts to those who have given up their God-given rights to become any thing they wanted, and instead have turned themselves into government serfs. All of the rights given to us in the constitution were there that we might have the freedom to live life on our terms in own beliefs and for our own desires not those predetermined by of an overbearing government Master.

Our people and government is divided on what is best for the protection of our families as well as our nation. Our primary concern for protection should be and is the protection of our families. Where as the government believes that responsibility should be that of the police forces. We know that is an impossibility unless there is a policeman sitting outside all of our homes. So we have been given the right to protect our families as well as protect our nation. That right was given to us in the second amendment of the constitution, which allows individuals to own firearms. Though in the news we only hear of the atrocities carried out by mentally ill persons killing defenseless children and others indiscriminately, we rarely hear of the many times when lives and family members have been saved by their being a firearm available. But those firearms are also given to us in case of an internal threat of tyranny taking over and  attempting the overthrow of our constitutional republic from within.

We are also divided in our stand with the people of Israel. There are those who believe we need to reject Israel and embrace Palestine and Iran and Syria. Then there are those who believe that we need to support Israel as much as possible. Ask those empires and those countries who have taken a stand against God's chosen people and God's chosen nation and see what happened when they chose to curse Israel instead of blessing her. They would tell you right now to support Israel.

In America we have stood by while the enemies of Israel continue to make strides in their program to destroy Israel. We allowed a treaty with Iran that could inflame the whole Middle East into a conflagration. We stood by while the UN imposed shipping labels be placed on products made in Gaza or in the settlements stating that these were not made in Israel but in what they determine is occupied Palestinian territory. We stood by while Israeli individuals and officers are being attacked by young Palestinians prompted by the hateful lies of their leaders. These attacks were made upon persons of Israel when there was never any provocation. And our government sits by and tells Israel that they need to lighten up instead of telling the Palestinians to stop their unilateral attacks on innocent people.

It looks somewhat as though America is on the verge of an inward rebellion. We are so divided and are becoming so increasingly agitated and infuriated with certain aspects of our people and our government that we are teetering on a great fall into conflict; which will tear our nation apart. It may well be an implosion that takes down America and leads us to obscurity rather than an explosion by any foreign terrorists. But it will depend upon our sowing.

Nations of the world hear me; you reap what you sow! May the United States of America turn arround quickly before it's too late.