Our government leaders are leading the Jewish Nation along the wrong path, in fact, right into the mouth of our enemies, i.e., the Arabs living within and without our borders. Like we say in Hebrew: ‘lo echpat lahem’ – they remain indifferent. It’s not that the Prime Minister is necessarily to blame, but his MK’s have been ill-advising him from within. Indeed, when it comes to the proposed “Two-State Solution” which has been part of the peace process for so many years, it now seems idiotic unless obviously, both states recognize each other’s right to co-exist side by side. Even to recognize the right of a Jewish State to exist at all is a long shot, at best. Nothing guaranteed of course, but it essentially means that if that plan is ever implemented and they have their way, you and I would never be allowed to set foot in Palestine, including all of East Jerusalem, etc. The whole idea is a classic case of misplaced mercy that would undoubtedly come back to haunt us (similar to the exasperating 2005 disengagement from Gush Katif).
The Palestinian’s official, unchanging position is outright refusal to accept us having a Jewish State. Apparently, not just here in the Middle East. As I have mentioned in previous published articles, the whole failed peace process has been exactly that, a political process, a make-work project that is illogical and an affront to the senses for any normal, civilized person. This is crystal clear now. Surely there must be another direction. Why then is this concept constantly being forced down our throats, when there are NO security guarantees for Israel down the road?
I have a different path, the right path. My way is simply to inspire, encourage and promote every Jew to be a warrior for the Land of Israel, the Holy Land. Wherever he/she may be found at the moment and with whatever (peaceful) means at hand. My way means to initiate, sponsor, and implement programs across the country that empower citizens to feel (and show) national pride. Everything from marketing bumper stickers and flags to an innovative TV-commercial blitz across the media spectrum. Not only would this transform Israeli media, but it would increase unity and morale in the country on a daily basis.  This also comprises a zero tolerance approach re: permanently retaining our land, whatever is left of it that is!
Case in point: For the first time in history, the Palestinian Authority (PA) is taking our holy sites within Israel proper away from us, via UNESCO, and thereby erasing any historical Jewish connection to our holy forefathers, right under our noses. What is being done about this travesty? The PM’s Office issues a statement, usually something to the effect that “The UN (the EU, US, or whatever institution) should be ashamed of themselves…” - ‘nuff said. Instead, Israel should respond to this fraud by treating these foreign parties as the threat that they really are, setting up permanent buffer zones at those sites and annexing the surrounding area.
The reason for going to this extent is because time is not on our side anymore. I believe that the Arabs themselves now sense this in some subliminal way, which may be one of the underlying reasons why there is this latest wave of knife terrorism. It’s a last form of desperation to draw our country to its knees when all else, including Gaza rockets and BDS, has failed. The truth is, everyone is getting on the bandwagon to get themselves a piece of Israel. Even the Pope himself came last year to acquire more sites on Mount Zion in Jerusalem. The Christians own almost 80% of it already! One way of making a difference in a more tangible way is taking after the example of the many Jews, both religious and secular, young and old, that now gather to sing, dance and say Psalms there at the tomb of King David every Saturday night. If you can’t give a charitable donation towards the Torah that is being learned there, this is an alternative way to physically show support for retaining this ancient holy site in Jewish hands.
Another recent example: If the EU is now officially labelling all West Bank goods because they consider this territory as ‘occupied’ and not legally part of Israel, the government should react in kind and revoke the visas of all those that are party to this agreement. The various diplomats and ambassadors should be called in and issued this ultimatum in no uncertain terms. Why should our government continue to welcome these people? My new direction means that we Israelis come to terms with the fact that Ramallah and Shuafat are just as much a part of Israel as Tel Aviv, Tsfat, and yes, the Temple Mount. After all, how can you be an occupier in your own backyard? The time has come folks, wake up and smell the hummus!
Further, many major cities all over the Western world, including hundreds of campuses have what are called Palestine Houses, i.e., places erected for the sole purpose of displaying anti-Israel propaganda, pressuring local politicians, holding rallies with Palestinian flags, and to intimidate/humiliate the Jewish residents. And they’re well-funded. We have seen that it’s not enough to be reactive anymore by devising methods around the theme of ‘not letting them get away with it’, as it were. The best way of countering Palestine House is to do the most Jewish thing possible, i.e., open our own (well-guarded) cultural learning and community centre right next door! If you can’t do that, find a way to close them down. Actually, either way, find a way to shut them down by legally impeding their funding. This is something each one of us can do. Bottom line - we must fight something bad with something good. A new direction for Israel means being proactive, as the best defense is a good offense. Do we have a choice in this day and age?
The future for the Jews is only here in the Good Land, and this is the will of the One Above. We can try to assist Him on this, or hinder Him. Hindering God will only put all of us in danger, including the other nations themselves! Better no path, than the wrong one. The incitement of the PA has bred a whole new generation of Arab kids whose whole mindset and goal in life is to kill Jews in order to “liberate Palestine.” This is an important point to internalize. Why should we suffer any more casualties? Why? Ask yourself why.
It’s clear. Our national path must change now. All those soldiers that valiantly fought the last seven wars, wars that we neither started, nor wanted - they didn’t give up their lives for our country just so the latest round of MK’s can agree to make handouts in 2016, including places like the Western Wall itself (now claimed by the PA to be the Western Wall of the Al-Aqsa Mosque), the tombs of our Patriarchs in Hebron, Yosef Hatzaddik, and Rachel Imeinu near Bethlehem. Every single one of us must strengthen ourselves in our convictions towards this great, God-given country. We only have one. And it’s irreplaceable. Let me repeat that: irreplaceable.
My path dictates never to abandon Israel due to any threat. Please, that would be an outright victory for the PA. Instead, do our fallen soldiers a favor and be strong, grounded, and outspoken. It’s not just a good thing to do, it’s a “mitzvah.” Like the unity that all of Israel showed after the murder of our three young teenagers last year, take action to indicate we’re here to stay. In whatever field you find yourself in, find a personal way to express your love and connection to Israel. Don’t wait. Think of something right now, and go for it. If you’re an American Jewish leader, show some grit and refuse to remain silent on the sidelines. If you’re a Rabbi, organize an Israel Mission for your congregation and arrange to visit West Bank communities to offer encouragement and support. If you’re in marketing/advertising, why not gather like-minded people and kick off a media campaign called: ISRAEL – Feeling Good! (or something similar). The winds of change are in the air all around us, and THIS is the solution.
On a national level let me be clear: I’m not condoning the formation of a unity government in Israel. That’s not my message here because in the long run, their policies will not provide Israel what it needs to overcome present and future challenges. I thank God we have a more right-wing government, narrow as it may be, because while the PM wishes to do good for ALL Israel’s citizens he has to contend with the enemy within that curtails and even sabotages his direct orders with respect to the security of the State of Israel! Is that normal? Meir Dagan (amongst others) professed to these acts of betrayal, and his statements to that effect are now public knowledge as brought out by fellow author, Caroline Glick at this year’s (exciting) JPost Conference. Many have now admitted that both he and other high-ranking IDF officers were pressured (bribed?) years ago by the White House State Dept. claiming that a pre-emptive defensive strike by Israel would be “illegal.” Can this direction be tolerated any further? These officials should be tried for treason before this type of thing happens again.
What we CAN take refuge in though, is the fact that we are so close to fulfilling what can only be called, the final agenda. Things like the lost Temple treasures are slowly being found out. Even the legendary Ark of the Covenant has newly discovered tunnel entrances beneath the Temple Mount (see my book: The A.R.K. Report). At the end of the day, through performing the dictates as stated above, coupled with the principle of showing zero tolerance to being bullied in our own backyard, this whole region can and will actually be transformed into becoming ours once again, as in biblical times. Instead of giving things away, Israel will be gaining higher ground (and not the opposite!) - to once again fulfill our Divine role in being the Chosen People for all humanity. Now THAT is worth waiting for, and that IS guaranteed!
If you have another minute, read this piece once more, and please let me know your response. Feel free to share…
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GOLAN HEIGHTS - Courtesy of giladGOLAN HEIGHTS - Courtesy of gilad