A Passover Poem

Freedom, order, freedom, order,

Slave, enslaved, slavery,

Masters, and slaves,
Slaves that awoke to the potential of being free
Pursued their right to be free
Free women and men!

But women are still not free

In most of the world, 
To the largest part,
Women are still enslaved
to traditional roles, to dress codes, to serving all around them
Sort of like the eternal slaves,
The eternal laborers, 
Used and abused,
Exploited and mistreated,
Not seen for who they are, still not equal, still lagging far behind
Still not deciding, influencing in proportion to their numbers, not managing and directing
Not leading, or co-leading.
Still silenced, excluded, behind closed doors.

And now is the time to put things back in order. 

Now is the time to order anew

By restoring the balance,
By letting women in 
To express and be part
In co-leading with men 
As equals.

And on this Seder night, look around the table and 

acknowledge the women in your midst.
Support them in being all of who they can be,
to reach places traditionally occupied by men.
Undo the wrong, liberate women, bring in the seder-order
we so long, and never, ever, pass a woman over again.