The Spring Solstice and the Bright Side of Life

 Tomorrow Friday, we are moving to daylight saving time in Israel, and with it the light in our lives grows and my optimism rekindles. Tomorrow, my father will undergo an operation to place a valve in his heart, to help regulate his blood flow, and to boost his good health. At 82, he is fit, active, his mind clear and his memory working, with a loving partner—my mum— by his side.

Agreeing to have a valve placed to regulate his heart's blood flow is a statement. In a sense, he is saying yes to life and to what life has to offer him. He has dreams to buy a sailing boat with a friend, something he always yearned and sail in the Greek sea that he so much loves and feels nurtured by. In short, at 82 he still sticks to his dream, and pursues his passion.

And this time marks a new start for my mother as well. She too is opening a new page; by learning the new digital technologies that she shunned away from. Today, she was proud of sending me by email her fist photograph, shot with her brand new smart phone. Hurray!

By acquiring the digital skills of Facebook, email, and smart phone technology, she is affirming her willingness to be part of and co-create the present day culture.

And for their life-affirming attitude, I am proud of my folks.

I pause to wonder: Does the light grow within me too? Am I life-affirming and out there looking to expand and grow as they do? Do I also ride the wave of renewal and rebirth that my folks are so actively pursuing? Am I willing to risk the comfort zone of the known to pursue my passion? And what is my passion?

When I was a child I dreamt of a writing career which I partly materialized when I worked as the Senior Writer and Managing Editor of the Yad Vashem magazine. But there came a time I felt I wanted to write about what I wanted, cared deeply, and moved me to my gut.

I guess that now that my Jerusalem Post blog is a reality, I have sort of actualized the dream of writing for writing's sake. 

Last week, I ordered my new pair of reading glasses from my trusted optician, optic Saban in the German Colony. I got myself a purple-colored frame, elegantly designed, which I found made me feel good and look at my best. I hated to admit that my eyesight has yet again deteriorated, but hand in hand with this physical deterioration, I truly sense that now I see better than ever before!

I now clearly see when women and men are exploited and put down; when they are belittled when they ask for more!

And I see that life is collectively pushing us to own our power, to dare to pursue our respective passions and dreams.


 I see that humanity is at a turning point, being asked to dare be all of who we are and contribute our respective talents towards the good of all.

With this acquired inner seeing that comes with age, I sense that life is always asking us to grow, move on, and expand. I hear the call, calling us to pursue vitality and fulfillment. And I too, agree it is never too late to learn, never too late to grow, and never too late to pursue our loves and dreams; especially now, at this season that the light is on the rise.