Al-Qaeda's love message to their Jihadist better-halves

 Al-Qaeda's love message coincidentally published earlier this month, days before the traditional Christian holiday of courtly love commemorated ever since the Middle Ages on 14 February.

The Islamic State Looking for Female Jihadist Terrorists

Reportedly, the shrinking on-the-ground Islamic State contingent is resulting in fewer terrorists. Thus they are counting more and more on burka-clad ferocious Muslim women who are currently taking charge of aggressive operations to attack innocent, defenseless populations.

These "jihadi brides" are now moving away from their traditional female Muslim roles as the head of their families in the absence of fathers.  Potential *mothers of the cubs of the caliphate" are slowly looking for other horizons.

Indeed, some pictures show these women clad in black Islamic dress wielding Kalashnikov's and shooting from trenches.

"Veils flutter in the wind as the jihadi brides drive out of shot in the back of pickups loaded with weapons, bearing the black flag of ISIS.

The narrator praises the women for the bravery.

"The chaste mujhad woman journeying to her lord with garments of purity and faith seeking revenge for her religion and the honor of her sisters imprisoned by the apostate Kurds.""

Unless, of course, anyone can prove that inside those burkas hides a man.  This author has once seen for a fact, that there was a man under a burka although that was in a Western city.

Long gone are the days of "Dabiq," the Islamic State publication devoted to their sweet and loyal women.

As recent as last year, Dabiq published topics showing the right etiquette to go through the mourning period if they lost their beloved husbands.

But, after losing a large part of their male contingent, the Islamic State is actively trying to attract a select female group of fierce, burka-clad terrorists.

By some accounts, some of those candidates enter the ranks also in hopes to catch an excellent but in all likelihood a short-lived romance with a jihadi groom.

Apparently, the Islamic State love message is non-existent, while Al-Qaeda's love message is rising in radical Islam's firmament.

Al-Qaeda "conservatives" Give Advice to Jihadists Wives

Surprisingly, a more appropriate report for this St. Valentine's Day comes in the shape of a more traditional Al-Qaeda's love message.

Seemingly unhappy with their Islamic State colleagues, the Al-Qaeda higher hierarchy has launched a new publication, in the very Western fashion they are bloodily fighting.

A ladies' magazine called  "Beituki" to advise Jihadist's wives on ways to make work their couple and family once their terrorist husbands come back home on a well-deserved leave of absence.

For sure many will find helpful to receive this Al-Qaeda's love message and, oh coincidence, just in time, as "love is in the air."

Here, the Clarion Project version of the new Al-Qaeda magazine "Beituki."   Kindly note that this is not how the magazine really looks like.

Al-Qaeda's love message: Clarion Project version of Al-Qaeda's Beituki magazine for ladies. Al-Qaeda's love message: Clarion Project version of Al-Qaeda's Beituki magazine for ladies.
Al-Qaeda's love message.  Courtesy:  Clarion Project version of Al-Qaeda's Beituki magazine for ladies.

Comparatively, this is a genuinely conservative approach to the situation of Muslim women which astoundingly is being supported and promoted by Al-Qaeda.

Al-Qaeda's love message to their jihadis' ladies is in the most authentic conservative style.

“GREET your husband with a smile when he comes and a smile when he goes.” So says a new magazine aimed at women in the Middle East. “Don’t dabble in his work,” it continues, and certainly don’t hector him. “Can you imagine all the bloodshed and bones he sees every day? Your fussing only increases the pressure.”

The magazine, launched in December, is called Beituki (“Your Home”). The publisher is al-Qaeda, which seems fed up with the way other jihadists empower their women. Al-Qaeda’s scribes tell female members to stay indoors and be good brides. “Make your house a paradise on earth,” it advises. “Prepare the food your husband loves, prepare his bed after that and do what he wants.”


When Islam and their prophet Mohammed sent Muslims to conquest the West, they did not think it over.

Heading West was going to open Pandora's doors for them as well. But Mohammed was undoubtedly not the brightest guy in town.  As such, he wasn't able to foresee how life and the world would change in the future.

The good news is that now we can find not only a tactical division between two radical Islamic factions, the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda.

But, above all, with the Islamic State new approach to Muslim women status, although they do not realize it, they are getting closer to the decadent West than they ever wanted.

Now, the invasion is going both ways, boys.  Take that one!

Happy Valentine's Day, Islamic State and Al-Qaeda.❤