Farrakhan, Qaddafi Fan Could Be Headed to Congress

Generally opposition researchers have to do some deep digging to find damning items. When it comes to Charles Barron, who''s running for the Democratic nomination in New York''s 8th Congressional District, they need look only as far as the Anti-Defamation League''s website.
There, the New York city councilor has an entire backgrounder devoted to what the organization calls a history in which he "has associated with anti-Semitic hate groups and promoted extreme anti-Israel positions intended to demonize the Jewish state."
The ADL particularly singles out his close relationship with the New Black Panther Party, which it calls "the largest organized black militant hate group in the United States" and, more succinctly, "anti-Semitic and racist." In addition, the group notes his participation in the Viva Palestina US convoy to Gaza organized by  British MP George Galloway. Barron has also praised Louis Farrakhan and Moammar Qaddafi.
Barron faces stiff competition in the form of Brooklyn Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries, who has more money, endorsements from establishment figures, and union support. But this week Barron picked up the backing of Edolphus Towns, the retiring politician whom the two candidates are competing to succeed. 
The district is overwhelming Democratic, so whoever takes the primary on June 26 is likely bound for Washington.
Presumably Barron would be one Congressman not making the rounds of the Jewish conference circuit in DC should he arrive in the capital next January.

- Hilary Leila Krieger