Happy Monday: Pink=Political Power?

It''s summer, it''s slow, and let''s face it - we''re all sick of red, white and blue campaign websites.
And thus, if you haven''t seen it, here is the not-at-all standard campaign website for Mindy Mayer ("I''m Senator and I know it"), surprise Republican/Conservative Party joint candidate for a New York State Senate seat based in Brooklyn. Mayer is a 22-year-old Orthodox woman who has recently been rocking the blogosphere with her singular, senatorial style. (Warning/reminder: For full effect, make sure your computer''s sound is on. Unless the kids are sleeping.)
I don''t really have much to say about this that hasn''t been said, for better or for worse. Yes, there is a lot of pink. And bling. But as a fan of Legally Blonde (yup, it''s true), how can I judge?
What do you say, readers? Would you like us to do an interview? 
-Rebecca Anna Stoil