Academics: The missing piece in the fight against BDS

Academics: The missing piece in the fight against BDS 
The fight against BDS on campus is a strategic objective of Jewish communities around the world. Many of the resources put toward this effort are put toward the student population. In this show however we look instead at the work being done to organise faculty and academics. To understand this issue  talk to Kenneth Waltzer Executive Director of the Academic Engagement Network
The themes covered include understanding the role of academics in fighting BDS. The state of Israel studies, the recent growth of BDS inside professional academic association and roles of university donors in campus Israel debates. It also asks the question as to whether Israeli academia really understand the risks that academic  BDS presents and if the right strategies are being used to combat campus BDS and promote freedom of speech in the lecture halls. 
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Listen to Kenneth Waltzer now at The Blue Review- 2017/17/07
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