Constitutional Anarchy

Politics has raised a new level of divide in the United States by having five from state Attorneys Generals which are a political exercises to thwart the Travel Executive Order directly. The war on terror in the Middle East is high stakes and needs not to get entangled in partisan politics. Today the Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson said: "there's no difference between this new executive order and the older order." This is political; the revised order is much more complete it has the rationale for the six countries that are named. It details the legal foundation on which President Trump can exercise his authority. Under the 1952 immigration act, he's given sweeping powers to block any person or class of persons that he deems could be a potential threat to the United States and its security. So the Attorney General's arguing that this is a Muslim band is 100% wrong. The number of Muslim countries that are not subject to this rule is going to make it a very hard case to make this on legal grounds. The Ninth Circuit could try it's a very liberal court can try, and the Attorney Generals will get notoriety. The current Supreme Court does not have a leg to stand on. The Ninth Circuit just didn't even deal with the law its arguments was weak some details were not real like there's nobody from these countries has ever been arrested for terrorism. The judiciary the and the executive branch is becoming an open conflict. Willful judges are intruding on the presence of foreign-policy or legislating from the bench, and it is a is a very dangerous situation. The confrontation is not worth  engaging in. This past week immigration was a huge drop of 40% drop in immigration from Mexico, and illegal immigration from the South is this proof that Donald Trump’s hard-line is paying off. 
Trump approach is good principal government It not just a matter of a policy disagreement were getting close to the constitutional confrontation and if the extreme left is just going to politicize this is gonna be an ugly. It will defeat the purpose of security of the order if we have to wait another three or four months maybe a lot of wrong people get into the country. It will be incredibly brazen thing for the Ninth Circuit to issue another injunction against the entire order or directing one piece of it be a pullout. I believe the President's authority would be upheld. It will hurt the Democrats in 2018 and put the United States at peril.