New York, Nu York: A (Letter) Tribute to My Mom and Aunt

Dear Mom and Aunt Miriam,
I  wish you two could be here each and every day, and certainly on Mothers Day. Believe me, your absence is noted by your children, your grandchildren, your friends and other family members.
Oh, and happy Lag B'Omer as well!
But let's focus on some happier things. I think both of you would be proud and quite pleased by the things your children and grandchildren are doing. My mother, Leah Jainchill Levitt, was a teacher before she was a mother, and I have followed her path to some extent. I am still teaching (as well as writing and giving guided tours in NYC) and I know that being a teacher gave  Mom a great sense of satisfaction, And Mom, when I drive twice a week to teach at a school in Queens, I pass by PS251 on Avenue I, where you taught for several years. Oh, but Mom, do you remember that house at the junction of Avenue I and Kings Highway and East 46th Street, the one with the turrets and sort-of Tudor style? Sadly, it had a fire over a week ago. I remember you would admire that house, and in turn I did as well.
Mom, you would be so tickled to see your two granddaughters, who are now attending Murrow High School, just as I did. Jess is in 11th grade and in the Music Program and Tri-M Music Honor Society, playing guitar. She just sat for her first Advanced Placement exam last week, in Music Theory. She played in the PYT orchestra for this spring's musical performance of "West Side Story." And Mich also worked on the sets of "West Side Story" as a painter. She is in the Art Program at the high school, takes two honors classes (English and History) and recently finished a lovely oil painting of a striped cat. She is taking after you as far as art talent.
Mom, you would be happy to know that Jess and Mich are both going to Young Judaea sleep away camp again (Mom however was in HaShomer HaTzair) and Jess is going to Israel for the first time, on the Machon program! She is very excited about this. And they will be with me at the upcoming Salute to Israel Day Parade on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.
Mom, you would also be proud of your son Ben and his two sons, Josh and Rob, who are doing well in school, playing musical instruments and such.
Aunt Miriam, you would also be proud of your three grandchildren. N is working on a political campaign in Georgia. M is about to graduate college and has been working on a short film. D is doing well in school, and taking advanced math courses.
Today is Mothers Day and I kvell over my two daughters, my two nephews, my cousins' children. And I wish you were here as well.
They are your progeny.
Love, Ellen