New York, Nu York: An Ode to Parshat Noach

To honor Noach
I ate a rainbow cookie
And thought of the flood.
It cleaned up the world
Drowning out violence, grief,
Petty grievances.
Today we still have
These problems, and many more.
There are men with knives
Who stab us merely
Because we are Jews, and they
Are brain-washed, mad thugs.
And ignorant crowds
In Europe and elsewhere who
Skipped history class
Join rallies, critique
Us for defending ourselves.
It's a mad, mad world.
Peace makers, speak up.
Radicals, drop your weapons.
Please allow our small
Holy land some peace
And calm. We'll share our cookies
With the world, and sigh.
Dear world, please heed the
Parshat Noach with its flood,
And bless the dove's flight.