Writing On The Wall


Of late our wannabe bestie Bibi climbed Trump’ s wall. The idea is simple: - Support Trump, and he will recognise, quid pro quo, Jerusalem. No doubt the Almighty Donald will give carte blanch to enlarge our wild penguin colonies.
Trump has but one wall. His motives are but two. Keep the Mexicans out and make them pay. Bibi understood neither.
Bibi is soon to realise Israel receives the most of the largesse Trump wishes to curtail. What will happen then? Another fool’s errand to
Congress? I hope not; annoying Obama is incomparable to the wrath evoked when Bibi crosses Trump. The writing is on the wall.
Bibi has four walls each more problematic than the next.
Bibi built a wall in the south.
Correct, it stopped more work immigrants from entering. But Bibi has not found an answer or even thinks he needs to find a reply, for the tens of thousands of Africans living here. Occasionally, the Minister of Culture, when bored with bashing the intellectual left, unleashes an antithetical diatribe and probably gains support amongst the knuckle-dragging voters in the next Likud primaries. No remedy is sought for a sore which will inevitably fester. 
Bibi is very proud of the Western Wall. The wall supports our ancient Temple. It is all that is left. The wall, meant to support and unite all Jews in their belief, is now a wall which divides Jews. Maybe Trump would appreciate it, but the clear majority of male Jews and all Female Jews do not. We, the non-penguins, are the Israeli neo-Mexicans – we are cut off. We must bow down to a minority who Bibi needs in his coalition.
Jerusalem is united. Bibi won two
elections with this blatant lie. Jerusalem is many things; United it is not. Try walking through East-Jerusalem. The disadvantaged deprived East Jerusalemites express their grievances by committing suicidal acts of terror. No one is surprised; most of us are amazed, considering the squalor and overt discrimination, terror does not occur more frequently. Bibi quickly builds a wall round the offending neighbourhood. The bizarrely named walls appear at prime viewing time --  some of the PR names are breathing barriers, caps, moving walls. The walls do nothing apart from increasing the discontent and remind the Arabs; Jews can build in their neighbourhood when they want to. Removing rubbish, building schools, or fixing the roads is another matter. But why the surprise? Bibi will never need a Member of The Knesset who has roots or cares for the reluctant, nouveau- Israeli, Arab Jerusalemite. Till then they can make do with prime-time walls, built on the fly.
Last and not least we have the
great wall of Ramon. Barak built the wall claiming ludicrously, ‘good fences make good neighbours.’ The man who lived either in a kibbutz or a millionaire penthouse fashioned his flimsy policy on superficialities. He knew little about neighbours or fences. The patron saint and unintentional godfather of the Hezbollah was running true to form.
The Great Wall of Ramon divided between us and the perpetually embryonic Palestine. The wall was, like Trump’s intended wall, intended to act as a barrier. Terror was
rife; we built a wall, terror stopped. Ipso facto, the wall is a success. It is not a success. Terror stopped when the Palestinian Authorities began cooperating with us. The wall is incomplete and easily circumvented. Every day, in Oranit we see scores of Palestinian workers pass into the Israeli Arab city, Kfar Kasm, our neighbour. There, the Israeli Arabs exploit the illegal, impecunious Palestinian mercilessly; only remembering he is kin when a Jew is nearby.
When Trump builds the Bibi syntonic wall will Americans cross the
wall into Mexico and take over a ranch or cantina? I doubt it.
In Israel, our national bird is not the Hoopoe. We have another flightless bird – the penguin. The penguin is as sacred as the cow in India. It goes where and when it wants. Walls are not an issue for the Israeli, wild
Consequently, we are changing our laws to accommodate the penguins nesting and setting up colonies on the other side of the wall. A
wall which is not dividing us from the Palestinians and most certainly not separating the penguins from anything.
Of late, forty nests were supposed to
move to another branch. Out of the woodwork fell a host of rent-a-mob juvenile delinquents complimented by sixteen-year-old harpies and latter-day screaming groupies. They had a glorious rumble with approaching ten thousand soldiers and police. On the sidelines, we had our unique Minister of Education; a man who thinks it is conducive to claims these thugs are heroes and trailblazers. They should be trial blazers. To his right an enlightened member of his party who no doubt checked all the law enforcement officers and soldiers were born in segregated labour wards. Yes, we have come a long way and learned a lot.
Back in my
Oranit, I wonder. What will happen If the latest attempt at in-house jingoistic law making sees the light of day? The law allows, God forbid, compulsory purchase of Palestinian land. The land is expensive in Oranit; it is at a premium. There are many significant lacunae of Arab-owned land. The lacunae are large green areas. The owners are anti-Zionist; if not, they would have found a way to sell. If we take it from them, not paying its real value, all hell will break loose. I have no doubt it will happen; there are far too many vested interests, there is too much money at stake. The builders, the municipality and all the many trades associated with the building have significant incentives. Greed, graft and hackneyed ideology are the diesel fuel firing the engines running this Bibi led Likud. Menachem Begin is long dead.
Oranit is the Samarian equivalent of the Gaza Envelope settlements. There are two
differences; soon there will be one. Now the Samaritans are unprovoked and not seeking revenge. The land grab will change that. The other is this. No settlement in Gaza has its only main road ten meters from the wall; no school is twenty meters from the wall. The Oranit wall will not prevent any assassin from attacking. The opposite, it will protect him as he escapes.
I placed emphasis on peaceful co-existence; no land grabs—all that is tossed aside by penguins with the instincts of lemmings. Blood will flow—our children’s’ blood will flow
The writing is on the wall. The writing could not be clearer; the writing is in blood-red.
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