Post-Palestinianism = Progress


The world tires of the half-century charade conceived by veteran terrorists to illegitimate an indigenous people newly repatriated to their homeland.


The discomfort of conflicting cognitions in the minds of the attentive in the civilized world results from an unsettling understanding of basic facts and simple history, namely and succinctly:


a) that Arabs are a people (race, ethnicity) from Arabia who speak Arabic;

b) that the Arabs exploded out of the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th century under the banner of Islam and forcibly conquered the Near East, Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia;

c) that, contrary to the standard PLO/PA mythomania, Arabs do not descend from ancient Canaanites, Phoenicians, or Philistines (the latter of whom were, ironically, Cretan migrants from the Mediterranean, not autochthonous Semites or Hamites from the Levant);

d) that 'Palestine' was a provincial designation imposed by Roman emperor Hadrian in 135 C.E. to spite the Judaeans (Jews) after their almost successful Bar Kokhba Revolt (132-135 C.E.), and never an independent nation-state unto itself (Hadrian renamed Judaea "Syria Palaestina");

e) and that the Arabs in the Land of Israel are in no way racially or ethnically distinct from Arabs anywhere else.

Naturally, all the knowing winks and confessionary statements and videos in Arabic among Arabs, once translated and circulated, tend to undermine the promulgated ruse and erode support from Western radicals bored and repulsed by the excesses of materialism and capitalism, desperately in search of a cause to make themselves feel righteous and lend their lives meaning.


Additionally, every Israeli gesture and overture to the Arabs in the Land of Israel in the last 70 years has been rejected in bad faith. Each offer rebuffed only serves to nonplus the planet. The world, in moments of honest reflection, wonders: why are the Arabs in the Land of Israel allergic to peace? Why won't they compromise and strike a deal already like grown adults?


The conceit of Yasser Arafat and Co. in the 1960s was doomed from the outset, primarily because the PLO murderers were much more interested in destroying the State of Israel than in building an actual State of Palestine. Their conative endeavors had nothing to do with liberty, equality, fraternity (least of all fraternity). They had no genuine aspiration to collocate states and become civilized and neighborly. Their black hearts were never really in it.


Truants from truth can become politicians, but not statesmen. None but the densest ideologues should be surprised by the predictable outcome of dissimulating terrorists assuming political power. As it turns out, murder and mass murder do not lay the roadbed for statehood. Who knew? Oddly enough, armed raiding, hijacking, kidnapping, shooting, lynching, lapidation, homicide bombing, rocket launching, car ramming, knifing, and 24-7 incitement to hatred and violence are nonconstructive of civil society. Go figure!


'Palestinians', in the end, never amounted to more than a flimsy euphemism for the more accurate Terroristinians.

But now, gradually, grudgingly, and groggily, the wider world, for half a century dazed and reeling from hookah-induced vapors, becomes alive to the false cause of a phony people from an imaginary country, and readies to enter rehab for intensive mental detox. Not out of any love for Jews or Israel, mind you, rather from sheer exhaustion: terror-fatigue, fraud-fatigue, excuse-fatigue. Over 50 years on, the world is increasingly fed-up with having its intelligence insulted by unabashed barbarians in checkered keffiyehs.


The cynical mendacity of belligerents will always be an affront to sincere peacemakers and moderates. Allah willing, we shall all sigh of relief when the wiles of quacks are consigned to a preterite era of primitive naiveté. One key marker of a wiser age would be the official and formal acknowledgment of Jordan, already about 80% 'Palestinian', as the nation-state of Arabs in the region formerly known as Palestine. Renaming Jordan Palestine would not by itself usher in a new epoch of eirenic utopianism, but it would signal a propulsive movement in a salutary direction, and must be the aim of authentic progressives everywhere. 

After more than 50 years of suffocating dissembling and fatal artifice, we all deserve a breath of fresh air.