Are the Jewish people user-friendly?

Are the Jewish People User Freindly?
This blog asks the question somewhat forcefully:
With Shavuot approaching, it’s time to question what Jewish peoplehood really means.  There aren’t that many of us, and we just have to be honest: many of those who identify with the Jewish people and see themselves as part of us, do not meet the halachic criteria of Jewishness.
Ruth also wasn’t exactly part of the Jewish fold. But somehow, we found a way for her to connect.
We can choose to put our head in the sand and say “that’s just the way things are.”
We can argue that there is nothing to do because no one really wants to convert – especially to Orthodox Judaism.
Or, we can start reexamining ourselves and making small steps to address the greater needs of Am Yisrael. 
The anonymous blogger asks us, as Jews (not only as rabbis) to rethink Jewish peoplehood. We don’t necessarily have to compromise our values to be inclusive.  We just have to recognize that we live in a society where there are values living in tension, and we have to be prepared to examine that tension. 
Whoever you are, Mr. or Ms. Patrilineal conversion candidate: Thanks for sharing your thoughts.  As someone who cares about the people of Israel, I hope you find your way.