Is it worth the price?

Another headline about excluding women:  The annual conference of the Puah Institute, which addresses medical advances in gynecology, has refused to allow women to speak publically, and thus, a number of medical professionals have withdrawn their papers.

Now, it may seem absurd to have a conference on women’s health issues and not have women speak.  But the conference organizers have chosen to cast their net to the right wing.  If I understand them correctly, they are willing to pay the price of excluding women, in an effort to expose the ultra-orthodox community to some of their issues relating to women’s fertility.

Yes, they acknowledge, the conference would be more substantive with women’s voices being heard, but then the ultra-orthodox wouldn’t come, and we need to service them as well.

When presented like that, the argument almost sounds plausible.

Of course, it isn’t.

Would you pay this price?