Behind The Hijab

 This is a sincere request to Muslim women to chalk their future not by looking through the Hijab but by analyzing what lies behind the Hijab.
 Quran clearly and equally emphasizes on chastity for both men and women. How this chastity would be attained? It would only be be attained by having a firm conviction that every human being is accountable of his/her deeds before the Al-Mighty. This is as simple as that. The piece of fabric can cover your face but it can never cover what is in your heart and mind. So why bother about it and why not look into a broader picture.
  Now, my sisters of Islam please tell me honestly what influenced you to wear Hijab. It was yesterday when you used to roam around all over the world with your beautiful hair designs. Did anyone bother you especially in the Western countries? Did anyone kidnap you? Did you lose your chastity? Were you disrespected by your relatives and friends? Were you not religious?
So why did you change your heart now? Did you directly study Quran yourself? Did you gain extensive knowledge of your religion? How many books and authors you critically read and analyzed? If you did all of this, I am sure then you must have found many other important subjects like politics, economics, justice, equality, respect for mankind embedded in Quran. May I humbly ask what have you done about these issues? These were, probably, much harder issues to handle, therefore, you thought to start with a simple thing and decided to cover yourself. Or maybe you heard the sermons of the custodians of Islam who have emerged in the world of Islam like mushrooms! May be these guys changed your hearts and minds by giving you short tickets to paradise! Whatever the reasons may be, you have narrowed your vison about Islam. You have taken an emotional path by ignoring the far reaching consequences of your action.
You have created another division in already a terribly divided Muslim nation. You probably consider Non-Hijabi Muslim women either ignorant, loafers or “Jahannami”.  The other side might also consider you stupid, submissive and backward. It becomes more awkward when a mother does not wear a Hijab but her Western educated daughter opts to do so. You have also isolated yourself in the Western countries and that invites serotype prejudice and bigotry. Have you ever thought about the emotional and psychological impacts of your action on your children? It gives the boys a false sense of superiority and they enjoy their freedom by participating in all sports and social activities. Naturally, they would become male chauvinistic when they grow up. On the other hand, the girls are deprived of their God given rights of freedom, they are restricted in many extracurricular activities and they either accept this as their destiny or hate themselves to be a girl.
When half of the population of a nation is confined in the black fabric, the darkness is bound to prevail upon the entire nation. Not only that there would be no tennis stars, gymnastics, swimmers, musicians, actors, performers among the Muslim women but also there would be shortages in other fields. There is beauty in the universe when both sexes perform their duties freely, openly and intelligently. How dull life can be without women’s participation? Please go and see Saudi Arabia. Even if you just happen to be at their airports like Riyadh and Dammam, you would find them the most impressive architecturally but awfully depressing at the same time. Are women safe in Saudi Arabia or any other Islamic countries? Are Islamic cities the shining lights of purity and chastity? Ask your hearts about the answers and don’t ask the Mullas.
You have been subjugated throughout the history by all the nations. However, things are changing in other nations for women and they are moving forward. Why do you want to be subjugated and left behind? Think.