Our Trip to Israel, Part 5: End of a memorable trip

(Jaffa Port)(Jaffa Port)
On the last day of our trip to Israel, we walked along the beach to the Jaffa Port. Tel Aviv is a modern and lively city, filled with nice restaurants, cafes and bars. There was a historical and a beautiful mosque in Jaffa. In fact, it was surprising to see many mosques even in the posh area of Tel Aviv.

After visiting Israel, I believe that Jerusalem is one of the most unique places on this planet. I would encourage my friends and relatives to visit the place. No single religion should claim a monopoly on the city of Jerusalem, since it belongs to all three major monotheistic religions. The state of Israel has kept the history intact and all their guides and publications present the historical facts without any distortion.

One must admire them for this. Israel is also torn between secular and conservative forces. The majority of Israelis are secular and wants peace with the Palestinians. However, the ultra-Orthodox have a lot of political power. Israelis are also very pragmatic. They have developed agricultural technology and have changed the desert landscape into lush green valleys. They are also very educated and know more about Islam than an most ordinary Muslims would know about Judaism. Arabic and Hebrew are Israel's national languages. In my humble view, they should show some compassion to the plight of the Palestinians and help them to stand on their own feet. A prosperous Palestinian state would be beneficial for the security of Israel. It is a folly of men that after having faced gross injustices themselves for centuries, Israelis have been imposing gross injustice on the Palestinians. 

As far as the Palestinians are concerned, they should be more pragmatic and leave their emotional outbursts behind them, take whatever they can get and then build a stronger country of their own. They have chronic problems of their own. They are divided, politically impotent, morally corrupt and too emotional. Their birth rate is alarmingly high and the status of their women is also questionable. They should learn from their enemy. No other people in history have suffered more than the Jews over such a long period. Look at them. They survived because of their education, unity and purpose.

It can be easily said that America blindly supports Israel and that is why they are so strong. No one supports anyone unless one develops strength himself/herself. There must be some reason for America’s support to the Jewish people. The Arab world is not poor. The Arabs have enormous wealth and the Palestinians receive a lot of help from them. It is very hypocritical of the rich Arab countries dealing with Israel. I have heard that Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar all do business with Israel in secrecy. Why do they refuse then to have diplomatic relations with Israel?

The policy of other Muslim countries like Pakistan is also deeply flawed. They have this illusion of Muslim unity and thus blindly support the Arabs. The Arabs, on the other hand, believe in Arab Nationalism and seem careless about Muslim Umma. Pakistan and India are bitter enemies but still maintain diplomatic links with each other. Pakistan should stop patronizing the Arabs and establish diplomatic ties with Israel. After all, Turkey, Egypt and Jordan have diplomatic relations with Israel.