Oily Islam

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 Oily Islam
The tragedy of Orlando has saddened all of those who consider every human life precious. Once again, the questions are raised and the answers are ambiguous. Why a young educated American Muslim would bear so much hatred and animosity towards his fellow citizens? Why would he not analyze the pathetic situation in the stone-aged society of his parents from where they migrated to the USA? Why would he not be thankful to the country that gave him the full opportunity for his growth? Why his parents could not detect the disturbing signs in his personality especially when his first marriage ended up violently? Why was he allowed to roam around freely by the Law Enforcement Agencies even after being on their radar screen?
The fact is that it is an ideological war that we, as a nation, still do not clearly understand.  It is certainly not a war against Islam since the religion has been around for more than 1400 years. However, it should be an ideological war against the “Oily Islam”.  This oily Islam is nothing but the desert culture of “Wahabism” that emerged in the sands of Saudi Arabia. It remained dormant for a long time and no one cared about it until the oil boom of Saudi Arabia and the other surrounding oil rich countries. In order to have a firm grip on their power and hide their excessive luxurious life styles, the monarchy of Saudi Arabia needed a divine protection. They bought this protection by funding the clergy of Saudi Arabia and encouraging them to go all around the world to spread this ideology. The Wahabi clergy claimed their ideology to be puritan as compared to other sects of Islam. In reality, this ideology subjugates women, emphasizes only on rituals, believes in destiny, stands against Western Values and keeps its followers isolated from the outside world. It is a sick ideology that lacks any aesthetic sense and deprives its followers form any pleasures of life like music, art and culture. The power of this ideology is enormous now. It has changed the landscapes of previously secular countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Turkey. The millions of mosques and madarsas all across the world adhere to this ideology now. It is also true in the USA. Granted that most of these mosques all across USA do not preach militancy but they do create the feelings of isolation among the youngsters. These youngsters then face dual life styles that contradict with each other. Unfortunately, a small number of them end up in becoming the mass murderers of Boston, San Bernardino and Orlando.
Time has come that we should stage a fight against this “Oily Islam”. It is not the true face of Islam. As Robert Baer, rightfully proclaims in the title of his excellent book that we have been sleeping with the devil. We must wake up now. The liberals should also realize that protecting Islam is a worthy cause but they must not confuse it with the “Oily Islam”. I also appeal to Muslims to stand up against bigotry, religious exploitation and clergy. After all, as per Quran, there is no place for clergy in Islam.