Kirk; Annex III could have the US and I srael at war !

 August 10, 2015

Sitting with Senator Kirk yesterday afternoon, he reminded me that of all the arguments he is hearing in favor of opposition to the Iran nuclear agreement, that one very important argument is not getting sufficient airtime:   According to the Senator, Annex III section 2.10 obligates the United States to defend Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.

This effectively means that the United States will be at war with Israel, if Israel chooses to use its military option (including but not limited to cyber-warfare). This daunting fact negates any aspects of the agreement that might possibly have been positive. As recent history has shown us, whether it’s Syria, Libya, Iraq or the Ukraine, counting on the decisive military intervention of the United States is no longer realistic. Taking Israel’s military option off the table insures that the terms of the agreement will be less enforceable