Will Senator Ben Cardin lead or sit compliantly?

 The Honorable Senator

Benjamin Cardin


I must ask Senator Ben Cardin, a proud Jew of immense compassion, who has done much good in the United States Senate, how he could at this crucial moment, hesitate to stand up and to be counted amongst the majority who oppose the Iran Agreement.

There are so many things wrong with the agreement that the only defense that supporters of the agreement can now spout is “what is the alternative”? It has become obvious to so many that the massive downside for the America people, is outranked only by the even greater catastrophic downside for Israel.

How do we justify the $150 billion dollar injection that Iran will receive on signing, that will feed an endless stream of cash to Iran’s nefarious militaristic objectives and to Iran’s infrastructure of terror?  Is improving the cash flow of Hamas and Hezbollah an outcome that will help either Americans or Israelis?


Because the agreement leaves Iran’s nuclear infrastructure intact and, economy free to recover, Iran, who has been crystal clear on its intent to remain hostile to America and to Israel, will with each and every day that economic shackles are removed, become more difficult to deal with.

Iran’s regional campaign of hegemony will continue on unchallenged and unabated, and will ultimately enlarge Iran’s footprint from its present border all the way through Lebanon to the Mediterranean Sea. Good things cannot come from Iranian access to the Mediterranean Sea.

 So too will their gross and highly visible violations of human rights continue in flagrant defiance of civilized conduct.

Senator you used to operate on the iron-clad principal that “what was good for the Israeli government, was what you supported”.  We now have the entire Israeli cabinet, the opposition to Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Left and 78% of the Israeli public opposing the deal! Is it possible that you could be in a position to second guess the judgement of Israeli government whose sole responsibility is the protection of Israeli citizens?  

There are just no probable outcomes that would justify the risk of taking the deal. But there are far more tangible reasons that support opposing it. Your intransigence is therefore unexplainable. The popularity of Donald Trump is a symptom of an electorate that feels grossly disenfranchised. The opaqueness of the Congressional process has worn voter tolerance to the bone. Your inexplicable hesitation to oppose the Iran agreement which needlessly exposes both Americans and Israelis to untold consequences, tarnishes your reputation and disappointingly casts you as a Member who would otherwise be on the receiving end of this building wave of voter ire.

Please continue to exercise the judgement, the honor and the integrity that has always been your mark of distinction. We are counting on you to protect us as Americans and our brothers and sisters as Israelis.

Respectfully submitted,

Andrew Lappin