Dimwit Jezza just doesn’t get what Jew-hatred is

NOBODY pretends Jeremy Corbyn is an intellectual colossus, but, after over a year as UK Labor leader, it wouldn’t have been beyond expectation he’d learned how to stop making an ass of himself. Except he hasn’t.

   In terms of the national interest, he went AWOL from the campaign to remain in the Europe Union, at times too consumed by his passion for jam-making to bother with humdrum, anti-Brexit hustings.
   Further illuminating his eccentricity, Corbyn’s other obsession is studying manhole covers, so I’ll venture the longer winter evenings practically fly by for the third Mrs. C, as he pontificates on whether the V662 is superior to the AW Type A.
   Meanwhile, at the most cataclysmic juncture in British politics since WW2 and a Tory government so shell-shocked by Brexit it is reduced to imitating headless chickens, Corbyn – Jezza to his band of far-Left headbangers – has barely laid a glove on Prime Minister Theresa May.
   Few voters even know the grizzled grump’s preferred policies include Britain leaving NATO, ditching the nuclear deterrent – at the cost of 7,500 jobs, not to mention national security –- re-nationalizing businesses privatized by Margaret Thatcher, giving Ulster to the Irish and charging Tony Blair with war crimes over the Iraq conflict.
   Oh, and despite his camaraderie with Hamas, Hezbollah and a viper’s nest of Holocaust deniers, Jezza’s magnanimity extends to allowing Israel to exist, providing it’s within pre-1967 Six Day War borders, the aptly-titled ‘Auschwitz Lines’.
   Meanwhile, in a display of strategic thinking reminiscent of General Custer, Kaiser Bill and Wile E. Coyote, Corbyn has managed to cleave a party still reeling from 2015 general election ignominy in half and raise the insipid Ed Miliband to the status of Labor’s second worst leader in its 100-year history.
   However, what will ultimately define Jezza’s woeful reign is something entirely unique to British politics: how he wimpishly allowed the so-called People’s Party to be overcome by the stench of anti-Semitism.
   Of course, there are Jew-haters in every dark crevice of politics, not least the holier-than-thou Liberal Democrats. But, until a year ago, the world’s most enduring prejudice rarely made front-page news and, in stark contrast to most of Europe, only a smattering of Brits are hostile to Jews.
   Yet, through insensitivity and crass ignorance, Corbyn has relegated Labour to a haven for anti-Semites, which is the verdict of a group of eminent parliamentarians.
   The cross-party Home Affairs Committee, which has carried out a six-month investigation into Jew hatred in Labour and elsewhere, went further: even couched politely it was scathing.
   “We are not persuaded [Mr Corbyn] fully appreciates the distinct nature of post-Second World War anti-Semitism,” the lawmakers said in their 70-page report, released last week.
   “We believe that his lack of consistent leadership on this issue, and his reluctance to separate anti-Semitism from other forms of racism, has created what some have referred to as a 'safe space’ for those with vile attitudes towards Jewish people.”
   The committee also trashed the findings of Shami Chakrabarti’s probe into Jew-hatred within Labour – Corbyn’s ‘get-out-of-doo-doo’ wheeze, which earned its inquisitor a peerage – that absolved both leader and party from all forms of institutional racism.
   Now Baroness Chakrabarti, in 28 pages of whitewash/hogwash, she infamously trivialised the tsunami of anti-Semitic anti-Zionism in Labour as “a series of unhappy incidents.”
   The MPs also accused her of ignoring testimony from party members who have been fighting hard-Left anti-Semitism and highlighted the avalanche of 25,000 racist attacks on Jewish Labour MP, Ruth Smeeth – ‘Yid c***’ being not untypical – and her anguish at Corbyn’s “catastrophic failure of leadership.”.
   Predictably, he huffed at the committee’s inquiry and claimed criticism of his pet lawyer, Chakrabarti – now Labor’s shadow Attorney General – as “unfair”.
   With his customary lack of conviction, Corbyn tritely mouthed the blindingly obvious: “anti-Semitism was evil” … “it led to the worst crimes of the 20th century”…“it must never [be] allowed to fester in our society again”, blah, blah and blah again.
   Yet it does, almost on a weekly basis within his neo-Trotskyist cabal, perhaps because the Blessed Jezza is so forgiving of it racists.
   For instance, Naz Shah, MP for north of England constituency with a large Muslim electorate, was temporarily sent to the naughty step for Facebook posts comparing Israel to Hitler and suggesting the Jewish state should be ‘relocated’ to middle-America.
    In a conscience-pricked row-back, Shah went on what she described as a “learning journey” and finally issued a mea culpa of…er…sorts.
   Blaming her misdeeds on “ignorance”, she announced, “I wasn't anti-Semitic; what I put out was anti-Semitic.”
   Well, that’s fine and hunky-dory, Naz: you doesn’t hate Jews – you’re just a knucklehead.
   And Corbyn’s old buddy, far-Left hero, ex-London mayor and sometime MP, Ken Livingstone – who boasts a long history of antagonizing Jews – has yet to be expelled from Labor by refusing to retract his preposterous notion that “Hitler was a Zionist” (he insists has a book that proves it, just as I have one – popular in the Arab world – attesting I’m descended from pigs and apes). 
   Then there’s Jackie Walker, who claims Jewish heritage and has flowing, Rastafarian dreadlocks testifying to her Afro-Caribbean descent.
   A firebrand Corbynista, she was duly suspended after slandering Jews as “chief financiers of the slave trade.”
   Within weeks Walker was returned to the party fold and, weeks later, re-excluded for questioning why Holocaust Memorial Day didn’t cover other genocides and saying she hadn’t found a definition of anti-Semitism she could “work with”.
   But, no doubt Jack will soon bounce back. Because I’ll wager not even goose-stepping through a local branch meeting, arm outstretched in a Nazi salute, while wearing an ‘I ♥ Adolf’ T-shirt and hissing "Jews to the gas", would get a member actually sacked from today’s Labor Party.
   So, until - if ever - the fact that anti-Zionism is a synonym for anti-Semitism penetrates Corbyn's dim-wittedness, Labor will continue to labor.