Donald Trump and Two Jews

In the end of Obama’s reign, Robert and Michael Meeropol, sons of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, two American communists, executed for passing atomic bomb secrets to the Soviet Union, appealed to President Obama to exonerate their mother Ethel.

Robert Meerpol explained urgency, “… We’re pushing Obama in the last days of his administration, because we know, once his administration is over, that President Trump is not going to admit that his mentor executed someone who was not a spy… ”  “Roy Cohn can be said to be one of the principal architects of my mother’s execution…and he did represent both Donald Trump’s father and Donald Trump, and Donald Trump has said, "This is my mentor. He taught me how to respond to attacks.”

Japanese have a proverb: “You want to know about man, learn about his friends.”  Roy Cohn was Trump’s longtime friend, lawyer and mentor.  They were inseparable for 13 years until Cohn succumbed to his illness. If someone could not find Cohn, they would look for Trump. They call each other at least 5 times per day and toasted each other at dinners. Being asked to testify on behalf of Roy Cohn, Mr. Trump described his friend in simple terms. “If I summed it up in one word, I think the primary word I’d use is his loyalty.” Cohn’s secretary written in her book,  “Donald was the last one Roy spoke to on the phone,” perhaps referring to Cohn’s last days.

Roy Cohn  helped deliver some of Mr. Trump’s signature construction deals, sued the National Football League for conspiring against his client and countersued the federal government — for $100 million — for damaging the Trump name. He created his prenuptial agreement with Ivana Trump.

Very few words define Roy Cohn’s political attitude better than his interview in 1951 , connected to Rosenbergs’ case, long before his fateful meeting and beginning of friendship with Trump:

ROY COHN: The one thing we have to understand at the outset is that the Communist Party is not a political party. It’s a criminal conspiracy. Its object is, as has been established by the verdict of a jury, the overthrow of the government of the United States by force and violence, as soon as the right time arrives. In the meantime, plans are being made so that day comes. And the Communist Party’s most important work is that of espionage on behalf of the Soviet Union, which means that it infiltrates our government, defense plans, every important place possible, in order to steal information from us and give it to the Soviet Union.

Adding to Japanese proverb we can say that to know the man, learn about his enemies. Who is Robert Meeropol, hating both Roy Cohn and Donald Trump? About my meeting with son of executed communist spies Robert Meeropol I had written in the last days of Bush’s presidency:



I met the enemy. Monster appeared so plain and like a library mouse unnoticeable, that he could work as a spy. Actually Mr. Meeropol was a son of a spy. His father, Julius Rosenberg, was executed with his wife in 1953 for passing American atomic: bomb secrets to the Soviet Union.

Any doubts in Rosenbergs’ guilt totally disappeared after KGB archives were opened, and Venona files and memoirs of the Rosenberg’s KGB handler were published.

This case could belong to a dustbin of history if the Rosenbergs’ son, Robert Meeropol, weren’t continuing the same treasonous work for which his parents were executed. Thus, in the Constitution, treason consists “…in levying war against them [United States], or is adhering to their enemies. Giving them aid and comfort.”(Definition of treason in US Constitution. Article 3 Section 4.) As Meeropol stated himself, ”I can through my activities make them [United States]pay for killing my parents.”

It was not a stale fame of Meeropol’s parents espionage case that brought me to his talk in College of Marin, but the fact that his next speaking engagement was scheduled at the Middle East Children’s Alliance, a vicious anti-Israel propaganda joint. What makes a Jew welcome to the organization which has a banner “Support Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions of Israel” on its homepage and whose members dream of exterminating 5 million Jews living in Israel (for beginning)?

This question forced me to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin County, the nest of American lefty crazies adjacent to InSane Francisco – capital of crazy lefties. On the way, I called my uncle, a former Soviet nuclear physicist and a friend of Academic Sakharov, who refreshed for me an atomic espionage case with detailed analysis of the experiments Russians could drop, after receiving information stolen from the US, and how this information speed ed up Soviet atomic bomb production.

But Mr. Meeropol didn’t try to prove his parents’ innocence for too long. He was sure “that my parents acted patriotically even if Venona is accurate.” The topic of his talk – that which we all live again in McCarthy era,. Substitute “terrorists” for “communists”, and we are back in the age of McCarthy. Just as in the fifties American government scared people with false threat of communism, now Bush’s government scares people with false Islamic radicalism.

So, Meeropol preached, we already lost all our liberties to the spying on us government. He confessed “but within days [after September 11th attack] I realized that Bush and company, not Osama bin Laden, were the principal source of my siege mentality.” Yepp! So he feels besieged by President Bush and his army. No wonder he feels sympathy for President Bush army’s enemies and criticizes Ashcroft that he deported “innocent Muslims” just for overstaying their visas.

San Francisco State University students (me included) highly benefited from Ashcroft’s deportations. Anti-Israel, anti-Semitic demonstrations with people screaming “Kill the Jews!” organized by overstaying their visas Palestinian Arabs, finally ceased on campus. It was the first year when students could study uninterrupted by noisy anti-Israeli rallies. Unfortunately, Mohammed Atta, one more Muslim overstaying his visa, was not deported on time.

Mr. Meeropol, with casual anti-American leftist, pacifist crap about imprisoned people of color and unlawful war in Iraq, failed to entertain even benevolent to him audience of a few dozen aging hippies: some fell asleep, some went to the restroom and never came back.

As an orator, he was not Leon Trotsky. Watching his communication skills, I assumed that no way he could succeed as a lawyer (he was introduced as one,) and I was right. At work he didn’t fit, so he quit and started “The Rosenbergs Fund for Children” of parents “oppressed by American government, children of anti-Imperialist political prisoners, and children of gay, lesbian, by-sexual and trans-gendered activists.”

In America, the majority of no-good nicks, failures to provide for themselves and their families, find shelters in nonprofit organizations, universities, and libraries where the quality of their work is impossible to measure. Hiding behind children of shadowy and imaginable “political prisoners,” Robert Meeropol came to well-to-do Marin County to solicit money, the only income he could earn exploiting his parents’ infamy.

After his discolored speech, I shouted, “Mr. Meeropol, you declared that we lost all our liberties. Why after such an anti-American and anti-government speech we are not surrounded by FBI and not taken for interrogation by prison bus. Why we are still enjoying each other’s company?”

“Are you from FBI?” hissed a female dried mushroom on my left side.

I approached Meeropol at the book signing. “Does your fund help children of victims of terrorist attacks in Israel?” He answered that they don’t help foreigners. His brochure describes help only to children of Puerto Rican nationalists, Liberian activists, anti-apartheid activists in South Africa and someone from Congo.

“Mr. Meeropol, what are you doing at the Middle Eastern Children’s Alliance?” He answered that he would give the same talk. Sure, he will explain to Arabs that they are unlawfully harassed by evil American government and will promise to help to fight for their rights to kill Americans and Israelis with impunity. Later he will give them his lawyer-daughter Rachel Meeropol’s business card.
Yes, this is Rosenbergs’ granddaughter who filed nuisance lawsuit against President Bush as a head of National Security Agency and the heads of the other major security agencies, challenging the NSA’s surveillance of persons within the United States. Rachel Meerpol was unhappy that her Muslim client’s conversation with his Al-Qaeda partner could be recorded. And guess who helped her to file the suit? The Council on American-Islamic Relations. Is treason running in all generation of this family as genetic disorder?
“Mr. Meeropol,” I concluded our conversation, “your parents betrayed United States of America; you are betraying Jewish people. “
In his interview to San Francisco Jewish newspaper, Mr. Meeropol observed with bitterness that “no major magazine has ever done a feature story on me or The Rosenberg Fund for Children.”
Every society has an instinct of self-preservation. This is why traitors are ostracized and become pariahs and lepers. No one wants to touch them or their offspring. Mr. Meeropol didn’t use a generous opportunity not to follow his parents’ blind hatred and betrayal of his country. He didn’t study how Stalin, idol of his executed parents, had been destroying children and grandchildren of his enemies with law about CHSIR, “members of the families of traitors of homeland.” Mr. Meeropol and his daughter’s treasonous activity made me think that Stalin had some cruel wisdom.”

            In 2008 Morton Sobell, 91 years old, co-defendant of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg finally admitted that they were spies for Soviet Union. It left Meeropols and left-wing Jews half century making from Rosenbergs political martyrs with nothing. It one more time proved that Roy Cohn was right in his prosecution. Such strange connection between Donald Trump and two outlandishly opposite Jews – Roy Cohn and Robert Meeropol

Asked for comments after Sobell’s confession, Robert Meeropol said about his father’s proved espionage for Soviets, “At least he did something. I admire his motivations.” Case closed.