Going up, Going Down - no I just want to get out of this elevator!

 Anybody who has lived in Israel for more than a couple of weeks will have come across this really annoying habit.

You're in an elevator, going down or up, no matter. The car stops at your floor , the doors open and instead of getting out you are pushed to the rear of the elevator by the wave of people getting in, not one of whom seem to think that you have the right to get out and that they have the God given right to get in as fast as possible before the doors close and they loose their place. Even if they don't rush in, they just stand there, not moving aside, daring you to try and push your way through a barrier of human flesh in an effort to escape a fate worse that death - being trapped for the rest of your life in the cramped confines of a constantly moving and full elevator car full of sweaty, loud people.

It doesn't matter if there's a mother with a baby’s pram trying to get out. It is of no consequence if it's an elderly person aided by a walking stick. The most important thing is to get in and show the world that I AM THE BOSS!!!!! The worst case scenario is in a hospital - yes that's right, a hospital where you might expect people to be a little more considerate. Oh No, not here in the Holy Land - no matter who you are, connected to a breathing machine, on crutches, in a wheelchair, in a bed being pushed by an orderly - no one, but no one has the right to stop the average run of the mill Israeli from fulfilling his God given destiny - getting into the elevator no matter who and no matter what.
So next time you are in Israel and want to use the elevator - be warned, you may be able to get in - but you may never get out. So if you have an appointment to meet or a plane to catch - maybe it’s better, safer and healthier to use the stairs!