What's shorter than a nano second? Answer - the Israeli drivers fuse at a traffic light!

Anyone know the shortest measurable length of time?  No, it’s not a Nano-second, if you thought that then you have never driven in Israel.
The shortest measurable length of time was invented (yes invented, not discovered) in Israel. So what is it? Very simple, it's the length of time taken by the driver in the car behind you to start honking his horn when the traffic lights changes from red to amber. It instantaneous, certainly faster than the speed of light, much faster than Superman ("a speeding bullet") and a whole lot faster than the Transporter in Star Trek. In fact, the reaction time is so fast, that there exists no machinery or mechanism capable of measuring it.
And yes, it really gets my goat!!!!   O.K - I know I'm and old man, a grumpy old man, a VERY grumpy old man. But, what's the rush? Rushing to get to another war - as if we haven't been through enough? Trying to avoid the mother-in-law? Rushing to work? (Sure!) Or is it just that good old fashioned Israeli mind set? No one, but know one is going to get the better of me or make me look less of a "MAN"?
Here in Israel there is a term - Friar - פרייר. Not a priest or a monk but a word meaning, sucker, idiot, wimp, pushover, soft, weak, no personality and many more things. No Israeli man want's to be thought of as a "Friar" so, push that horn and show the world that you’re a REAL man and will take no lip or nonsense from anybody. The funny thing is, these horn honkers usually overtake you at great speed and on the wrong side in an effort to "beat" you. But when you get to the next set of traffic lights, there they are, sitting, waiting for the lights to change so that they once again, prove to world that the are "REAL MEN".
Me, next time someone does it to me, I'll turn off the engine, turn on the hazard lights and just sit there for a minute or two just for the pleasure of proving to him that I'm not a "friar" and that I'm a "REAL MAN"