You must learn to crawl before you can walk

Leaving Argentina more than 40 years ago was not easy. This life changing decision to leave my home and make Aliya brought with it may positive and happy experiences for me, but it did not come without its challenges.
There were times when I missed the comforts of home - the familiarity, the support groups made of my friends and family, the general feeling of security I had attained and gotten so used to. And I usually missed home most when I was faced with incredible obstacles or difficult situations.
I started working as a replacement social worker engaging with children with multiple disabilities. This job was not easy but at the same time was extremely rewarding and inspiring. Part of the reason why this job is so rewarding and inspiring is that these children face challenges every day in activities that we take for granted as simple and necessary for every day convenience. I found myself emotionally drained and faced with difficult decisions and situations daily. But nothing worthwhile is ever easy. There are always lessons to be learned in everything we do. Some lessons are more valuable than others. Yet I remained inspired, and still do today, because despite even greater challenges, these children find a way to press on, and motivate me to do the same. This is also true of the families. I draw inspiration from their love, dedication and determination to fight for their children's best interests.
Take Priel. She is a 16 year old student at the Keren Or school. She was born in 1999 four months premature, and spent her first three months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Ultimately she had nine operations and more time in the ICU.
By the time she was five she had three years in a program and was then able to sit up and clap her hands.
Then her family searched and discovered Keren Or.
The day Priel’s family met with the Keren Or team, the social worker and physiotherapist assured them she would be able to dress and undress by herself. Priel’s parents laughed at this notion.
Priel began attending Keren Or daily. Almost immediately her family noticed a positive change. Through her treatments of physiotherapy , hydrotherapy, speech therapy, music therapy and occupational therapy and more, Priel’s skills began to grow.
Priel was crawling. Then she was standing. Then she was walking, speaking and even singing! Priel has joined the Keren Or band, spreading great joy and enjoying every minute.
Priel’s challenges were without question more difficult than any challenge I have ever encountered, and what Priel taught me, is that no matter what you are faced with you can overcome adversity in your life. It may take time, and it make take baby steps. But all you need to do is crawl before you can stand. And then before you know it, you will be walking and singing.
We can often find the most inspiration in the most unexpected of places.