Some Simple Unanswered Questions about the Arab and Israeli Conflict

For all those who know all the answers and solutions to the Arab-Israeli conflict, to all those progressives who know that Israel is "white", rich, evil, and a colonialist tool of imperialism and that "Palestine" is "non-white", peaceful or legitimately violent and freedom loving – I've got a list of questions that I have yet to see or hear answers for.
1] If Jews were never in this land – why do archeological excavations keep on unearthing ancient Hebrew writings and inscriptions?
2] If the Jews were never here – why do the Roman coins of the 1st Century, celebrating their victory over the people in this land, read "Judea Capta" (the land of the Jews captured) and not "Palestina Capta"?
3] How did it come to be that at the end of the 1947-1949 War – the war started by the Arabs and called by Israel its War of Independence – there were no Jews in any area in this land that was under Arab rule, while there were 156,000 Arabs in areas under Jewish rule? If the Jews meant to drive out all the Arabs – why didn't they do the same as the Arabs did to the Jews?
4] Colonialists usually come to a foreign country in order to exploit the natural resources. What exactly did the "Zionist colonialists" come to this Holy Land to exploit – what resources were there?
5] If Israel is a tool of imperialism – why did Israel's independence come about only after a bitter struggle against the imperialist power in the region – the British Empire? By the way – exactly which empire sent the Jews to the land of Israel – Russia that was full of pogroms against Jews, France where during the degradation of the Jewish officer Alfred Dreyfus people screamed "Death to the Jews!", Germany of the "Final Solution", etc? You get the absurdity of the idea?
6] Why is there one UN agency that deals with all refugees in the world (UNHCR) and one that deals exclusively with "Palestinian" refugees (UNWRA)?
7] If there is indeed a Palestinian people from time immemorial – why is there a UN resolution that defines Palestine refugees “persons whose regular place of residence was Palestine during the period 1 June 1946 to 15 May 1948"? Is there a need for a resolution to define who is  Jewish, Chinese or Vietnamese?
8], In the 1940s there were tens of millions of refugees worldwide, yet only "Palestinians" are still not re-settled and some are still living in camps. Why is that?
9] About 720,000 Arabs were refugees from Israel and about 900,000 Jews were refuges from Arab countries – so why today are there still "Palestinian refugees" but no "Jewish refugees"?
10] Why are "Palestinian refugees" the only refugee group in the world whose offspring are also regarded as refugees?
11] Since Israel has left Gaza over ten years ago – why hasn't Gaza been turned into a Singapore type country with a thriving economy and standard of living for its people; why do the leaders waste so many resources on their struggle to annihilate Israel?
12] If Bnei Brak – an Israeli city – has a more dense population (over 27,000 per square km) than the Gaza Strip (over 5,000 per square km) – why is only Gaza (quite falsely) often called the densest populated area in the world? By the way – Singapore is close to 8,000 people per square km.
13] If Israeli Jews are "white Europeans" – how is it that a majority of Israeli Jews are black/brown Orientals?
14] If Israel has already withdrawn from all of the Sinai Peninsula, which is larger than all of the rest of Israel, then how has Israel not complied with UN Security Council resolution 242 which called on Israel to withdraw from "territories" - not all "the territories"?
15] If an aggressor won't lose anything (land, for example) as the result of the aggressive war  it launched  – how will aggression be deterred? If there is no price to pay - where's the deterrent? If Israel were to hand over the hilly backbone of the country – what would prevent a repeat of the Arab attempts to annihilate the Jewish state, as they tried in 1948 and 1967?
16] If it's racist and anti-Semitic to prevent Jews from living somewhere, how can it be just to prevent the Jewish people the heart of its homeland and even deny its connection to the Holy City?