Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Soldier?

The biggest thing in my nursery was a shiny new battery powered play horse. You just had to sit and press a button and "Hiyo Silver, away!" Well, away at about one foot a minute, but still…
Second best was an older spring-powered horse that barely moved when you jumped on it. You couldn't yell "Away", but still – it was a horse…
Me? I usually had to make do playing with building blocks. I wasn't quick or bold enough to grab one of the horses. But once I grabbed the battery-powered horse and was about to be the happiest kid in the town… until… A kid stood there, self-confidently saying in an ominously quiet tone: "Y'better get off d'horsie or I'm gonna tell my dad onya."
I asked the kid: "Why? Whadsya dad do?"
The kid, whose name I can't recall but always thought of as "Bugsie", looked me in the eye and said in an even lower tone: "He kills people like you."
I wasn't a hero, so I got off. "Wow", I thought, "I better stay away from his dad!"
But one day several weeks later – and kids don't forget stuff like that – Bugsie was picked up by his father, who drove a big van. Probably to cart away the bodies, I thought. The nursery teacher called me over and gave me a stack of drawings, saying they belonged to the kid, who was already in his dad's vehicle, and could I run over and give them to his dad.
And I thought: "Death!"
I was so scared, but I never thought to refuse or flee. I guess I was scared and dumb. So I, the condemned, walked the few steps to this kid's dad's van, handing up the drawings over to the man who would send a little kid to his Maker. Then a miracle happened: the dad didn't kill me, he didn't even hit me, pinch me or call me a nasty name – he smiled and said thank you.
I was dumbfounded. Newly born. I heard the birds singing and the crickets chirping merrily.
Then I understood – Bugsie had lied! I never rode that horse again but now I didn't care. I knew the truth and the truth will set you free!
All this came to mind when I saw the video of an Israeli soldier, rifle in hand, trying to arrest an Arab kid who had just been throwing stones at passing cars. Have you ever seen a stone thrown at a speeding car? I have. It's attempted murder.
This soldier runs after this kid who has one arm in a sling, and catches him. But then all these women and little kids surround the soldier, pulling, pushing, hitting, and one little brat even bit him.
The propagandists who hate Israel and Jews quickly put this up on the internet as if to say: "Look! Israeli soldier arresting a kid! How terrible! How cruel! How mean!"
I saw the video and it was astounding. I mean – if you browse the "Hate Israel" sites on the internet (there are many, including some mainstream media sites…) you very often see accusations that Israeli soldiers regularly shoot – to kill or maim – women and children, that they're cruel, and think nothing of beating up women and kids.
But lo and behold: a soldier with a rifle and he doesn't hit the kid, doesn't shoot the kid, doesn't shoot the women fighting him, doesn't use his rifle or even his fists to fight back. All you see is this soldier NOT fighting back; just trying to defend himself and keep hold of the little would-be murderer he's trying to arrest!
Where did the big bad evil trigger-happy soldier go?
I'll tell you: he never existed! Not because the camera was watching, but because his conscience was watching, his army training – not to harm civilians – was watching, the entire Jewish state is always watching her soldiers to make sure they are righteous, and because God was watching. The Israeli army doesn't do cruel, doesn't do mean, tries its hardest not to harm civilians, but rather tries to help.
Hiyo Silver, away!