Fight of a girl

She has to fight against the truth of destiny,
With the dirty touch of jihadis fraternity;
She has to fight against her own identity
Fight against father for not allowing to work and charity.
Always carry the pain in all weathers,
Why is she married of earlier than her five older brothers?
Fights for her self-esteem and feathers,
And fights to stand on her feet with others. 
Gets the spanking from her drunken husband,
But helps him, on his own feet, to stand;
She does not fight, only to make thud;
But fights for a happy family around.
She fights to save money for hard times,
Fights for her rights but no jibes,
Fight with a pen to be a poetess, chimes,
In needs, can fly a fighter plane, high in the skies.
She fights  like Radha and Meera for love and care for;
But like the Queen of Jhansi, Rani Luxmibai, in war;
Fights, like a push-nail, putting her finger;
Or like Rani Durgawati to protect the fort and honour.
Shed burqa and fights like Shahbano, for women’s right;
Fights against Yamrajj, to become Satawati for her plight;
Sometimes like Razia, sometimes like Apala, fight,
Sometimes shy, sometimes Saina Nehwal, but has to fight.
Like Hazrat Mahal, and like Sarojini Naidu, fight for height;
Sometimes like Sita, Savitri and Draupadi , decisively fight;
In the hour of troubles, fights like Padmini and Panna-dai with might;
Fights for the nation and fights for the society, day and night.
In need fights like P.T.Usha and Mary Kom;
Fights against poverty and odium;
Fighting spirit, she got in the womb form, 
Truly girls are very good fighters in the home and roam.