I want to live

I am also a child of a loving mother,
I was not thrown into the womb of my mother,
God's blessings put me in your womb,
and His angels flew from heaven to lay me in your divine womb.
I came to fulfill the God’s will, mother;
Blissful in my new abode of love, and slept there serenely.
The angles watched and kept me secure always,
Till I saw and breath the face of the earth.
Angels used to come to me to get my comfort;
All became very happy and thanked God on my birth;
Tasted milk of my mother on my birth,
I was blissful to be born as your beloved child.
I wanted to smile, I wanted to sing;
I wanted to play, I wanted to frolic;
I wanted to suck your breast milk,
I wanted you smiling and fulfilled.
On a cruel day, your master decided to slay me,
The devils in the underworld listened to their decision,
Took the loudest drum, danced on the demonic beats;
All the evil spirits jumping, singing and dancing.
All danced in lines, all danced in ring;
All danced on the heels, all danced their best;
All sang the ugliest song and Devils played the wildest music;
Butchers gulped the hemlock and beheaded me.
Demonic spirits were happy but heaven cried;
I, my mother and angels cried;
Moment before I was brutally slaughtered,
All-Powerful, All-merciful God also cried helplessly.
A happy-dancing child of God,
Became a dish on the plate of a devil.
My bones from the heap of plate thrown to the dogs,
At a distance my mother shedding the tears of blood,