Maybe the Agreement is No Agreement At All

Or, maybe the agreement is by default already in place. Looking at the world of differences between the Israeli positions and the so-called Palestinian positions, they seem lightyears apart and any agreement seems unatainable. Since Israel is a sovereign nation and the most powerful in the area, it doesn't seem too likely that they will just secede land to people that they know do not have their best interest at heart.
So what is the solution? For we know the Torah, the overarching white elephant in the room, really does not allow Jews to give away land for peace. But, Israelis that are non-religious, maybe it is ok for them. For me, I stand with Hashem, and I stand with Torah, every time. Not a popular position with the world but, ask me if I care. Israel controls the land of Judea and Samaria. this is the fact, it was won from the battles of a war they did not ask for. Jordanians withdrew and Israel, like a vacuum, assumed control and wisely so. They enlarged their territory and increased their security parameter. There was no “country” in 1967 that ran a government in that area, and naturally Israel wasn’t going to just let Arabs run rogue there. So at this point, maybe an agreement to leave things as they are for the next say, 100 years until a true common sense and a plan that can facilitate the economy of everyone can be discussed. Kurdistan, the north region of Iraq has been under Iraqi control for years and the Kurd area has limited autonomy. The region of Judea and Samaria that is predominately Arab can be administrated in a similar fashion. As a small nation, surrounded by enemies, it is far better to control all land possible and deal with whatever internal issues need to be adjusted to accommodate areas and people rather than make a hastily and hesitant agreement with an instant enemy and having zero control of the internal land and subsequent boundaries.
For the clowns who say “occupation” and “apartheid”, if you ask Israeli Arabs, which government would you rather be under, the Palestinian Authority or the Israeli Government, nearly all will say the Israeli Government is by far the best choice for any Arab in Israel or any other country in the Middle East. When Jordan “occupied” the area the media wasn’t claiming it was occupied, and by default when they left and Israel moved in, it is now somehow “occupied”? Not hardly. Land won in war is conquered territory and a part of the winner of the war. So is the way all wars and countries are formed. As for apartheid, when you are told that the new Palestinian state will be void of all Jews, that is ethnic cleansing and apartheid. And now we see Israeli Arabs have rights as citizens to vote, work in the judicial system, fight in the IDF and are central to the economy of the state, this is just democracy. When civility in the Muslim community emerges and true friendship with the Jews is evident, the walls will come down and a peace will form. But, not until Moshiach do we expect to see this and no giveaway of land is in his gameplan. The trial of Jews is to stand firm against the secularism, assimilation of our internal brothers and stand against the hatred while upholding truth. Hashem will forever protect those who he calls his children.
To the lost Jew, return home, fast, return to Torah, and be found near Hashem for the Moshiach and the Temple await our unity.