Spice Trail: Journey from India to Israel

My decision to make an aliya was taken at the tender age of 10. It was only after my graduation, did I pack my entire life, leaving my close family behind, hopped on the EL AL flight to begin a new life in a completely strange and foreign country – The Holy Land – Israel.
Jerusalem Post was my solace in the initial struggling years as a new immigrant when I had no friends and no language. Jerusalem Post was the way to the outside world and to know the happening in and out of the country. Shabat was eagerly awaited by me to get hand on the weekend edition of JPost with its interesting articles , news and information.17 years down the road, today I am getting an opportunity to have my own blog on the jpost site - super excited to start and share my passion with the readers around the world through this informative and known channel. What better way day than the 66th Republic Day of India to put up my first article on the blog.
Although I left India about 2 decades ago, Bollywood movies are not missed in our house and no dinner is complete without the Indian spices blended in any food. Cooking is another passion which has led me to open my very own site of Indian food in Israel -www.arukhana.com having variety of Indian recipes both in English and Hebrew. Will share my easy to make recipes too and introduce the spices and different cuisines of India.Belonging to the Bene Israeli community of India, rich with traditions and customs, it will be a pleasure to share the way we celebrate the holidays and the food associated with them.
Life in Israel had its own ups and downs with different colors, sometimes light, sometimes dark but mostly bright. It will be a pleasure to share my views and opinions through this platform .