A Psalm for Chanukah

 You turned my mourning into dancing.
You undid my sackcloth
 and replaced it with joy.
-Psalm 30:12

Psalm 30  expresses sheer gratitude to God; for being alive, for healing, for raising my soul up.  The fact that I am able to recite tehillim and sing to God is cause for infinite thankfulness.  
King David wrote Psalm 30 as a song for the inauguration of the Temple in Jerusalem.more than 2,000 years ago.
"A psalm, a song for the inauguration of the Temple by David -
I will exalt You O God for You have drawn me up..."  (Psalm 30:1)   

It is also the psalm recited each year during the holiday of Chanukah which commemorates the rekindling of the Menorah in the Temple in Jerusalem and the miracle of the sacred oil which lasted eight days.
For the ancient Israelites, the Greek/Assyrian Empire had conquered the land they lived in, dictated the society's values, even taken over and defiled the Temple itself, the very spot of the Holy of Holies, the special place where God's presence rests on earth.
Yet it was only temporary, as difficult times and seemingly hopeless conditions eventually changed.  But throughout this and other journeys, our soul’s song of healing and renewal has long remained.”  And as Psalm 30 continues, we express our joy at the miracles which God has blessed us in the past and with each moment of our life.:
“Therefore my soul shall sing to You,
and not be silent;
O God, my God,
I will praise You forever." (Psalm 30:13)