Poetree in honor of Tu Bishvat


In honor of the children
A forest home in green ravine
and in the sunset a mountain seen -
The trees in root would upward grow
towards mountain top and sunset glow.
And youngest leaves on fresh branch top,
who taste the sky and first rain drop,
did notice that the sun was blocked
as it set behind the mountain rock.
Now these trees loved the sunset''s hues
and raged when mountain stole their view
for tip top leaves did see the blight
of solid stone eclipsing light.
And yelled "You wall you color thief.
You block our door and give us grief.
Move out the way we''ve sights to see
and as it is we just see thee!"
So years went on of bicker bad
until one spring a vision was had
by Lookout Leaf on tallest elm
in constant watch at highest helm.
"On Stoney Pass, oh desolate place
of mountain top, I see a face,
as if young sapling sprouts been born
on that bear rock so weather worn.
Quick call the birds to take make a search
if truly there a tree could perch!"
And sure enough the birds did rise
to circle mountain top surprise,
for verily a tree had sprung,
a tree no mountain could block from sun.
"Awake Old forest," Lookout Leaf said,
"for life has sprung from mountain dead,
a tree that shines in sunset red!"
"Be like the birds that will to rise,
be like the winds that fill the skies
and we will bring mountain''s demise!"
So leaf and limb did tremble flutter
in hopes to join their highest brother.
In one great surge stretch show of strength
the trees did double in height and length
and yearned down to earth''s deepest core
to raise to sky the forest floor.
From dark unknown a rumble came
and quick as light
all levels were the same.
And so it was – a new land founded
flat and grounded
and the sun set all around it