SSI’s 2nd National Conference!

By SSI National
The Students Supporting Israel
 National team is excited to announce the making of the second SSI National Conference this August 13-15! We are back this summer, bigger, better, and stronger as our movement has grown to 48 chapters around the world.

Last year, over 45 members attended the conference. Students were engaged in activities about how to answer and raise tough questions about Israel and BDS, how to execute an effective tabling event, heard from Israel’s Midwest Consulate General office, networked with each other, among many other activities. In addition, 13 awards were given out to students to recognize the hard work that they have done to make the SSI movement strong and united.

Since the last conference, the SSI movement has made great accomplishments over the academic year. Among them are many new and creative events such as six graffiti events with Artists 4 Israel, a speaking tour with the Portuguese human rights activist Romeu Monteiro and NYU Professor Abe Haak and many more. SSIers in the different chapters led and passed three pro-Israel resolutions, led coalitions that successfully combated BDS resolutions, engaged over 5,000 new students on campus with grassroots events, and established themselves across the campus communities as the one united pro-Israel student movement with boots on the ground.

In SSI, the students are leading the movement, and the national team is guiding and assisting every chapter with small and large issues alike in order to make sure the pro-Israel is voice strong and confident on campus. We are excited for the second National Conference, as unlike any other pro-Israel conference ever attended before this will be hosted on the actual place where campus activities take action: On Campus! Even more exciting, is that the location is the birth place of Students Supporting Israel - the University of Minnesota

SSI is looking forward to this interactive and engaging conference, to which students from all the 48 chapters were invited. The goal is to address a wide range of issues such as new ways to advocate and how to create campus campaigns, in addition to networking and sharing unique ideas about strengthening the pro-Israel voices and executing them on college campuses. As the movement is growing, the second national conference is an exciting event that will be valuable to leaders within the pro-Israel community.