Order from chaos

From time to time I ponder what exactly Queen Elisabeth keeps in the small purse of hers that she always has on her person. Certainly her bag is too small to ever lose a cellphone in it. Sadly, that is not my case. 
Two days ago I had this exact problem - I could not find my phone in my bag, and after searching for it quite a while, I tossed out all the contents on the table.
I found many things which I had lost ages ago - some which I did not even want to find. I found two flashlights (why were there two? I don’t walk around so much at night), one lipstick of a horrible color (did I really buy this?), two pens (one which writes and one which does not), and ah, here at last is that darn receipt! I bought a frying pan a long time ago, came home and decided I wanted a bigger one. So I went back to the shop to exchange it. They wouldn’t do that without the receipt, and of course I did not know where I had put it! And now I find it! Maybe I could still... oh, no, it’s been months and I’ve used the frying pan many times.
My purse was also stuffed with a bunch of papers and notes. I picked up one note and it said: 
"Call Yaffa!"
It had a telephone number scrawled next to it.
Who was Yaffa? I had no idea. I decided to call the number and find out why I was supposed to call her.
“Is this Yaffa?” I asked.
“Yes, and who are you?”
“I’m Lucca, did you ever call me on the phone and ask to be called back?”
“No," she said carefully, "and what did you say your name was?”
“Tell me, are you some kind of professional, a manicurist maybe?”
“No way, what gives you the idea? I work for the Income Tax Authorities, and this for the last 25 years!”
“Oh, so why do I have your number?”
“No idea, how should I know? Did you ever put in a claim with the Income Tax?”
“All I know about the Income Tax is they are not always kind people! But you are nice! You are the exception! And this is probably a mistake!”
I found three connected pills, and turned them around to find out that they were an anti-depression medication. They must have been in my bag for a long time, because I don’t remember when exactly I was depressed!
Oh and look now, a piece of candy wrapped in blue paper! I remember this one! Once  I had coffee in some place and I got the candy along with my cup of coffee. Since it was wrapped in blue I decided it was milk chocolate, and if I must sin, I sin only with dark! So why is it here? Maybe I kept it waiting for the time when I would be a kilo or two lighter! Or maybe I simply do not have the heart to discard chocolate - one of the truest friends in my life!
My search went on and I found two coins, each 10 shekel. What a pleasant surprise!
I decided to make some order in this chaos: Papers sin one pile, objects in another and money in a third. 
Now what do I keep and what can I throw out?
The telephone rang and I realized that I had no time left, and was off to the 6’oclock lecture. I tossed everything back into my bag.
I’ll sort it all out to-morrow.