Tales from the Towers Boredom

It seems to me that I’ve been walking on the treadmill for ages when suddenly my I-Pod stopped to emit its encouraging music. I’ve probably forgotten to charge it and now I am exposed to the infinite boredom of walking the treadmill without music. I must find a way to distract myself from the fact that time passes so slowly, so I raise my head and start to look at what happens around me.
Mira just entered the gym, she dumps her large gym bag on the floor, no good morning to the people in the gym, she has no time for that, she comes here for a purpose and not for conversation.. She grabs two of the heavier dumb bells and starts to pump them up and down without delay. She used to be a professional athlete in Russia.
 A minute or two later Alicia enters the gym hall, well she doesn’t exactly enter, she makes a grand entrance. Alicia is big! She wears a large sized t-shirt, a multicolored shawl on top, a long and billowing skirt and crocks on her feet. She wears an enormous Victorian hat and just one earring which reaches her shoulder. Generally she looks like an unmade bed.
“I couldn’t come last week, she informs us loudly, my cat died. I’m in mourning. Why didn’t anyone of you phone and ask why I am staying away? I usually ask.”
Yes, she usually does! Even too much.
She starts to take off the layers, first goes the hat, then the earring, then the shawl and then the skirt. She exposes chubby legs in spandex and she steps on a stationary bicycle.
Avram comes in, takes one look at the TV screen and declares:
“No, no, please change this! I want Mezzo! There is some Vivaldi on now!”
“Who is Vivaldi?" asks Miriam, probably classical music! I don’t want classic. I want the fashion channel! I need to see what women will wear this summer!”
“Leave me alone with your shmattes! Avram cries, if no Vivaldi, I won’t exercise!”
“And who cares? asks Anne in her cute French accent, talk nicely to the ladies, it’s international women’s day to-day! To-morrow you can shout again! At least at your own wife!’
The argument about the TV channel gathers volume and strength. Our trainer gets up from his chair and switches off the TV.
‘I don’t want all this fighting here! You came to work out and not to watch TV! TV is for home!”
“Without TV it’s boring, I finally put in my two cents worth, my I-Pod is off, and I’ve been hardly walking for 15 minutes! It seems endless!”
No one listens to me.
Tony enters the gym smiling broadly and carrying two full plastic bags.
“Stop all your activities, he says, I brought cakes and drinks and let’s go outside and celebrate! It’s my birthday!”
Our trainer jumps up and protests loudly:
“Cakes and drinks here in my gym? This I will have to report to the general manager!”
“Oh come on, don’t be a spoilsport, let’s go out and live it up!”
Suddenly the gym is empty of at least half of the exercisers, they can’t resist the feast outside. I am strong, I continue walking my walk to no destination. I am very curious what Tony brought in his bags but I won’t be tempted…
A young woman, who is new, comes in looks around and addresses me:
They told me the gym is full, now I see it’s nearly empty, where are the people?”
“They are outside, I tell her, trying to reduce weight!”
“You mean there is an additional room which has more equipment than I see here?”
“No, no, I say tiredly, the trainer went out for a moment to get a cup of coffee, as soon as he comes back, he’ll show you around!”
From outside I hear loud talk and laughing. Why oh why has God made me a good girl? Good is so boring! Lucca