Dear God, why?

Dear God,

When you chose Daniel Aaron this week, why? Why at this time at this moment in this week on this day at this time? You didn’t give us chance to reassure him, to let him know we love him far too much to let him go to a more peaceful place, to let him know that we’ll help him through his struggles, that life has no end, even if it seems that way sometimes.
Dear God, why did it rain so hard just as the brier was being taken towards the open doors to the east? Why was the view to the east so beautiful, like a card at Christmas, a wintry gray sky with an autumnally bare tree so serene and peaceful, looking towards the holy land.
Why when we made our way to the plot was there not a drop of rain in sight? Why was the sky so pure and beautiful for the whole time we replaced the earth back into the plot, it didn’t rain once during that whole time, why?
Why do you only take the best when they are young? If you are to take the best from us, who do we have left but ourselves..? How do we fill this void, you gave us no warning! There was no argument, no fall out, there were no tears, just peace and calm and compassion, why did you leave us only these things..?
Why did you bury him so close to the back of the cemetery? Why didn’t you give him one last chance here, to discover happiness and companionship of a lasting nature? To discover his purpose, his raison d’etre after he was done helping and giving so much to so many, why didn’t you let him have another chance to discover the next chapter of his life here..? What plans do you have for him there? What time is he arriving? Will he be on time or is he running late..?
Dear God, only you have the answers. Why?
                                                                                                                     In loving memory of Daniel Eliyahu ben Yaakov Raphael