Telegrams: They are still a thing in Israel

I sent a telegram last month.

Yep. That is something I never thought I would say. No, Doc Brown didn’t show up in a Delorean either before I did it. I discoverd while browsing their website that telegrams are still available in Israel from Israel Post. I was able to order it online and a courier then attempted delivery, but the friend I was trying to send it to hadn’t even arrived yet… so a few days later it was just emailed.

My friend and Mikvah witness, Meir Bargeron, moved to Jerusalem from Minneapolis last month to begin his 1st year of Rabbinical school. I was browsing the Israel Post website during some down time at the office and came across the ‘Send a Telegram’ section and decided to do something fun by sending Meir a telegram wishing him luck… I had his address in Jerusalem so it was a no-brainer. It cost 40 NIS (12ish USD) and was real easy. I even got a PDF copy of the telegram for my records.

I think I may send another one in the future. It’s great knowing someone who lives in Israel and so why not keep sending Telegrams?! It’s something most people in the US haven’t done in a century or more!