The End of Rationality and the System of God

Reason is entirely subjective. God is objective.

When the greatest Kabbalist of the last four hundred years, Baal HaSulam, made the decision to look at Kabbalah from a purely scientific lens, he was living in a rational age. There was a fundamental belief that everything could be understood scientifically. The Soviet Union was a perceived threat to the global order, as they were determined to use analytical models to build a perfect rational society according to the philosophy of Karl Marx. Trotsky held a religious belief that rational models would heighten the mind and productivity of individuals until “the average person would be an Aristotle, a Goethe, a Marx.” This utopian system did work for a time (of course not to the extent of Trotsky’s vision), especially under the iron fist of Stalin making the models work by killing all detractors.

Today we are aware that looking at the world from a rational perspective is irrational. Life is racked with contradictions and though governments and economies still adhere to computer models, these models fail to account for unforeseen cataclysms (natural disasters, 9/11, 2008 financial crisis) that are inevitable. On a more fundamental level they fail to account for the irrational nature of humanity. Nevertheless, the inherently flawed belief that things can be easily categorized by computer calculations is widespread by those in charge, the so called experts who sit twiddling their thumbs every few years when “the unthinkable” happens.

Last year two historic events clearly articulated the flaw of analytical data and the inability of experts to properly assess them. These of course were Brexit and the election of Trump. The two events, though statistically probable were seen as unthinkable by anyone with a voice in the media or anyone with real power on the corporeal plane of existence.

No one is rational. This is why experts were flabberghasted when these two somewhat likely occurrences occurred. The main reasons these events happened was because people are inherently irrational creatures that have lost faith in the institutions that once held things together.

Today, the order of society is broken. People are aware they are being lied to by those who purport to be objective. Most people don’t really care, until a flaw in the thinking of the objective thinkers that rule over them takes their job away. When things are normal, they sit in front of facebook and the limitless selection of watchable television suited to every subculture of humanity. When people are hurt by the breaking of the system, they have irrational emotional reactions.

There is an inherent distrust of the rational, because the results of rational thinking have only damaged the world. Communism, socialism and even pure capitalism no longer work for the majority. This utter disconnection and distrust is the opportunity for the spiritual to blend with the corporeal. The opening for a revolution in the consciousness of humanity.

The system of creation is a spiritual realm outside the sensations of everyone with the exception of a small collection of souls connected by the light of God. Kabbalah works by fixed rules. It is scientific, but not provable with the means of the scientific method in our current age of development. Only those who attain the upper force have a means of quantifying the machinations of the spiritual world. Like everything else in life it is full of many contradictions that people of a rational bent (the educated classes) can’t quite grasp (though it was an obsession of 20th century scientists and philosophers such as Carl Jung, Walter Benjamin and Sigmund Freud). It is a system of perfect opposite forces, good and evil or light and darkness. When evil is revealed, the desire for good forces one of a spiritual nature to good and connect directly with the Creator.

Those few people connected to the opposite forces are called Kabbalists. They are connected to a rational system of light that manifests in a way that those with corporeal senses cannot comprehend. This is even true of many who devote their lives entirely to the wisdom. This is because the light of God is working directly through the Kabbalists and it is perfect. In any given moment it accounts for all the details of creation that are changing at a pace that no computer could measure. This is because God, I prefer Elohim (the creating force) is unlimited by the limited minds of humans who program the computers. This will be true even when these computers acquire artificial intelligence.

The Creator is an unchanging force without an image that is immeasurably smarter than humanity. Like a sage of Kabbalah, He accounts for the ever-changing system of nature in its totality. Both the spiritual and the corporeal that are inextricably linked to one another.