Don't hold back - it's now or never


Don''t hold back. Now''s the time. There will never be a better one (with all due condolences and comfort to those who have already been wounded, maimed, or sacrificed, z"l).


Hezbullah in Lebanon, the Syrian Air Force and its stock of WMD''s, now being taken out according to reports - putting an end to that threat forever, while at the same time making the crucial contribution to ending in its tracks the horrific slaughter going on in the towns and villages among brave and innocent people and freedom-fighters there.


And finally Iran -  three in one (the opportunity presented by the uprising on the streets of Teheran two and a half years ago was missed and further slaughter then proceeded there). What one has here, once again, is a casus belli. Sooner or later, one of these must be taken up and acted upon. A whole people must not have to live in fear and under continuous WMD and nuclear threat without responding. 


This then becomes more like 1939 and, yes, it is like 1967, except this time, more dangerous and worse with nuclear and biological rocketry just waiting to find their targets. Leaders like Levi Eshkol or Golda Meir would have already responded to mortal threats like these.


The planes should already have been off and should have needed no send-off by me, an outsider and non-combatant; but those who know are ready. We all know that; but just as sure, we all know, this is not going to happen - at least, not now. "If not now, when?"


Nor should anyone''s permission be asked or need to be asked. The opposite. It''s crystal clear and any person with any sanity will completely understand. As for the others, what can or need one say?


This is the time - everyone knows that and neither you, nor your government need any advice or to hear it from the likes of or from anyone like me.


Therefore, I shall go silent and have nothing more to say on this subject in this blog (which many will no doubt applaud). In fact, originally I was going to leave the whole blog blank and rest my case on the title alone. It is and was all completely obvious anyhow.


Unfortunately, the Sarajevo moment has arrived - and the sooner the better. Don''t wait for Shabat. It has always been understood that saving a life (in this case a nation) outweighs the Shabat.


In closing, once more my condolences to all who are bereaved, in mourning, or in pain - not that that would make the slightest bit of difference or help anyone in their position a single jot.


One realizes that. But still, may they be comforted if they can be.


As for the rest, "Don''t hold back - it''s now or never". The time is now.