Gone to London to see the Queen

While Prime Minister Netanyahu was addressing a Combined Session of the US Congress including Cabinet members and diplomatic representatives, President Obama was off to Ireland (to see his ancestors - sic!) and drink a pint of stout and from thence on "to London to see the Queen!"
My, my.  So Israel was lower on his scale of taboos even than British Imperialism and this, from someone, one of whose first acts when he entered Office was to have the official gift of a bust of Winston Churchill removed from the White House study and sent back to England (and not even put into an American Museum), reportedly because of his own antithesis towards the former''s colonial policy regarding his putative father''s native Kenya. Anyone with a modicum of historical sense would have caught a glimpse of the handwriting on the wall even then.
Was he going to do some more ''bowing and scraping'' before Her Royal Highnesses -- His Queen? How fitting. But where Israel is concerned, apart from the smiles and handshakes, one should take warning. This was adding further insult to the already goodly number bestowed -- or as they say, ''adding insult to injury'' -- and one can rest assured, the insult was intentional. Do you mean the President couldn''t wait one more day while Israel''s Prime Minister addressed a Joint Session of Congress and received the consequent accolades.
No, not even this. This presumably was too painful to bear. Not only did he greet the Teddy-Bear-like PM with an initial slap in the face while he was virtually just taking off at the beginning; he could not bear not to try to undercut him with this personal pleasure-jaunt (where his official car even supposedly got stuck!) one last time at the end -- vote chasing as well (see the Daily Telegraph''s evaluation of it in the following piece: "O''Bama? Oh Puh-Lease" - they were not fooled by it for a minute).
In my opinion, these are all clearly-studied insults and anyone who misses them just doesn''t know what he or she is dealing with on a personal level from this White House. Those of Jewish background should take note -- if they are able. I have found most of my acquaintances in this quarter are unable. On the other hand, ''Righteous,'' ''God-fearing,'' and pro-Zionist/Israel Gentiles; I have found have no difficulty grasping the elemental significance of these things.
How sad or, as the French would say, "Dommage!'' But on the other hand, one can take comfort at least from the latter half of this equation (perhaps they are more knowledgeable about things of this kind) and from the obvious rock-solid support of the United States Congress and their enjoyment of Netanyahu''s absolutely clear command of English. Some even commented upon it. Too bad the Commander-in-Chief did not stay around for a listen.
He might have learned something -- but I am sure he heard it loud and clear. That is why he so quickly scampered away.