Israel is in a Pickle


The reason I have not written very much lately is because "Israel is in a Pickle" - and we all know it.


There is not very much new to say or say at all, except ''Stall, stall, stall''!


But have they/we enough time?


Of course, one could always say "No!" - "No, no, no" - the three "No''s!", but Israel or "the Jews" (as a "Jew" myself, I feel I have the right to speak familiarly and use such terminology since my Great Grandfather, Avraham Herschel [Zvi] Ben Itzhak Eisenman - a Disciple and descandant of the Vilna Gaon - emigrated to Jerusalem in 1888 together with his two younger sons [his two older ones: Morris and Phival, having come to America instead <Morris ending up a great philanthropist, sponsor of the Yiddush Theater on Third Avenue, great art collector and partner with David Sarnoff of The Metropolitan News Agency>. I and my brother were descendants of the latter one], became the Gizbar of The Bikkur Cholim Hospital - where he spent his later years on its upper floor, died, and is presently buried next to his wife on the Mount of Olives in an honourable locale overlooking the Temple Mount, and my brother Peter Eisenman is the winner of the Roth Prize in Israel and, as everyone knows, the Designer of The Holocaust Memorial in Berlin) have never been very good at saying "No!" to anyone!


Oh yes, to eachother, they have never had much difficulty saying "No" - and often most rudely, brusquely, or discourtesously too - and I think I am a very good example of this myself because "Jews" (if I can use the term so familiarly and casually) have never had any difficulty being either rude, malicious, or dismissive towards me - on the contrary, even though I and my family have always been ardent supporters of almost all their causes; whereas non-Jews or "Gentiles" (if we can use the term in the popular and imprecise manner it is so often used by Jews themselves) have usually or often been most polite, gracious, and forbearing of and towards me, even though many of the things I have had to say may have affected the very core of their prized and most precious beliefs and foundations.


Nevertheless, towards "Gentiles" (again, to use the term in its popular and more familiar ''Jewish'' sense), they ("the Jews") have had very great difficulty saying "No!" - and this concerning most things and for a very long time indeed!


Anyone might object at this point - "Jew" or "Gentile" - "How can you speak like that when you know the unspeakable pressures Benjamin Netanyahu is presently being subjected to?"; and that person would be quite right. We all know these; but that, I think, is already covered in the point I made in the very first line of this piece: "Stall, stall, stall!" - but is there enough time for this? Only the Almighty knows this - certainly not I.


But, in fact, finally I must say - like the never-quick-to-hold-her-tongue and always marvelously outspokenly-contemptuous Jerusalem Post Columnist, Sarah Honig (who is almost always - being a mature writer - ''spot on'') and now, most certainly in the wonderful piece the Jerusalem Post Editors have allowed to just be published by Jonathan Pollard, "Restoring Israel to Greatness" (how can a man speak with such eloquence after having spent 28 years in prison and in all likelihood, the rest of his life and having been betrayed in his trust by most of us?) - in such circumstances, one must finally say "NO" with a capitol "N" and "let the chips - as they say in the West - fall where they may"!


This is the only Honorable way, just as Sarah Honig always says and Caroline Glick too, when she is writing, and, most importantly, now "Prisoner of Zion" Jonathan Pollard in the most eloquent way - and this from a condemned man! How did he do it? I shake my head in wonderment!


Finally, even someone like Bibi Netanyahu, who is being very coy and trying to ''play it both ways'' and/or hold both his riven Cabinet and Party together, must stand up and say the ''Honourable'' thing. This is the only ''Honourable'' course of action - and both his brother, z"l, and his father, z"l - knew and would have done this.


"Just say, ''No''!" Is there anything else to say?