Obama is making a deal with the world's biggest hard-liners


''States like these (North Korea, Iran and Iraq) and their terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil, arming to threaten the peace of the world''. (President Bush, 2002)
Yesterday we have learned that yet another secret agreement between the IAEA and Iran has been discovered. According to AP's exclusive article, Iran will be allowed to use its own inspectors to investigate Parchin, an Iranian site that has been rumored to be a base of nuclear experiments. Already before that, we have found that there are two secret agreements whom Secretary John Kerry said that he never saw. 13 years after President Bush's famous speech about the axis of evil, it seems that current President Obama's actions have been very helpful in creating such an axis surrounding Israel, in the name of 'American national interest'.
 The most alarming thing concerning Israel's current situation is that this strategic threat has yet to be fully understood by public opinion. Let us take a look about what President Obama has said and what eventually happened. According to Obama's speech in 2013, the basis of the Iran deal is 'verification, not trust'. Moreover, over the last years we have heard him many times say that 'the military option against Iran is on the table', yet last June it was the same president who said on Israeli national TV that 'there is no military option to stop Iran'.
The Iran deal is proving from day to day to be a total collapse of the American national interest. Instead of placing a good, reliable military option and strict inspection terms, it does exactly the opposite: it gives Iran a huge economic boost, obviously, but not only that: it rebuilds Iranian aerial defensive ability. And things are going a lot more faster than we think: After Qasem Soleimani's visit to Russia, we have already heard this week that Russia has reached a deal to supply Iran with the S-300 aerial defense system, which will make Iranian nuclear sites much more prone to aerial strikes.
Now, the problem is that most of the people confuse 'Silence' with 'Deterrence'.
Instead of looking at the entire picture, they count years of silence. So, for example, when looking at the northern border of Israel, they say that 'since 2006 Hezbollah is deterred'. What they fail to see is the fact that Israel is the one who is deterred.
With Iran's funding, Hezbollah has managed to locate more than 100,000 missiles targeted at the entire state of Israel. When the war ended in 2006, policy makers failed to see that Hezbollah's goal has never been to destroy Israel. What they want to do under Iran's guidance, is to perform as the Iranian security policy, which will deter Israel. Well, that has perfectly worked for them. The missiles of Hezbollah has served greatly in making Israeli policy makers thinking much more about the cost of an aerial attack against Iran.
Same thing goes for the south with Hamas – the other end of the axis. Hamas has served greatly as an Iranian distraction, making the world focus on what is happening in Gaza, rather than trying to think how to neutralize the Iranian threat. That is exactly why PM Netanyahu said about the deal: it does not even speak about Iran's funding of terror organizations surrounding Israel.
As we are nearing the crucial vote in Congress and Senate, American policy makers need to understand what is ACTUALLY going on. Instead of making a deal with the 'moderates', Obama is actually the one who is making a deal with the Hardliners. When he said that 'Iranian hard-liners are making a common cause with the GOP', what does it mean? That Ayatollah Khamenei, the one Obama sent a letter to, the one who has stated many times his desire to destruct Israel, is part of the moderates? That chants of 'Death to America, Death to Israel' in front of him represent the moderates?
The Iran deal is not a matter of personal rivalry between Netanyahu and Obama. It is not a matter of a good diplomatic solution for a bad Islamic threat. It certainly is not a case of political rivalry between Democrats and Republicans. It is simply a deal that has more holes than a Swiss Cheese. It is an agreement which puts the entire world in danger, so it does not matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat: By all evidence, it looks like President Obama has made a deal with the world's biggest hard-liners.