There is good in the world, even if you don't believe it

A man died the other day in the most torturous and evil way that a human being can imagine.  His murder was not unique, but just another murder, one of so many the Islamic State have performed.

And as the days go on, we are witnessing continuous depravities that seem to have jumped out of those horror movies we used to watch to thrill ourselves when we were younger – knowing they weren’t true.  And yet - those horror movies have become reality.

And just as we ask ourselves after every sickening act that gets displayed, how can this evil exist in this world – the same world that we live in?  How can we dress our kids in cute little pink hats with an embroidered bunny and small woollen jumpers – while someone out there is burning and screaming in a pain that would cause our minds to explode in insanity?

How is it possible that I hear the sounds of birds chirping outside my window, when a woman’s body is held to the ground, screams silenced only by the continuous hacking of a sword at her head– until there is no life left to resist.

How is it possible that I read a story about an organization in Israel that is bringing children from impoverished countries and performing heart surgery on them – giving them a chance at life, and yet just a few kilometers away, there are people doing everything they can to deprive life from these same children.

How is it possible that the sounds of waves gently lapping against the sandy sea shores gives me such serenity, and yet across the world, there are only waves of horror?

How can we laugh, and smile and enjoy our lives – when there are people out there whose tears are only those of sadness and pain?

How can people be in love in our world? How can they feel their hearts flutter? How can they dream of others and of a future with happiness – when outside our homes, there are places where there is no future and only a world of hate.

We know that evil has always existed. We know that there are no boundaries for the hell that human beings can unleash.  We’ve seen it in Europe.  We’ve see it in Africa. We’ve seen it in the Middle East. And we’ll continue to see it.  But there are also no boundaries for the goodness of people. And just as there exists unlimited potential to do great hurt – so too exists unlimited potential to do great healing. 

We live in just a nanosecond of history. A time so short that if it didn’t exist, it wouldn’t even be noticed.  And yet that nanosecond contains everything we are and can be. Our dreams. Our hopes. Our aspirations. Our goals.  Our pain. Our losses. Our sorrows.  Our loves.


And in that nanosecond we all have choices.  Choices to hide ourselves from the darkness around, or to confront it head on – to be that light unto the nations.

There is good in the world – even if that belief is challenged on a daily basis.  And even if at times we don’t always believe it.

Because if we don’t believe it – then all we are left with is pure and unadulterated evil. 

I will not accept that.