Israel Museum 50th anniversary celebrates humanity, life, art

As Israel celebrated the anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem this past week Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke at the Israel Museum of his commitment to a united and unified city of all faiths, cultures, colors, and collaboration.

As he stood proudly at the Israel Museum he beamed about the celebration of culture, humanity, and the land of Israel and about the Israel Museum’s representation of art, creativity, and freedom.

Completed in 1965 the Israel Museum celebrates its 50th anniversary with new exhibits and installations and provocative year long displays showcasing the museum’s own humble beginnings to the amazing beginnings of humankind, human art, and the human heritage--a reflection of Gd--of creating.

Highlights throughout the year will include works from famed Israeli artists to works of youth displayed throughout the past five decades, from photography and text, to architecture and expressionism.

From 1965, the museum was housed in a series of masonry buildings designed by the Russian-born Israeli architect Alfred Mansfeld. In July 2010 the $100-million campaign to renovate the museum and double its gallery space was completed. The museum is now considered world class and world renowned and offers visitors and Israeli residents more than can possibly be observed, consumed, and deliberated in one day.

The Israel Museum jubilee year is sure to be a rich celebration for the million plus Israelis and tourists and featured artists. The words of the Prime Minister echoed amongst the halls and statues:

"The….thing that we see here is the great cultural treasure of the Jewish People in the country and around the world," he said. "Of course, this symbolizes our contribution to humanity." Bibi continued contrasting the countries and people under siege outside Israel to the preciousness of community and culture within: “ the great difference between the cultural flowering, the cultural freedom and the cultural creativity in the State of Israel and what is happening around us – the destruction of cultural treasures, the destruction of the idea of freedom, and the physical destruction of people in an effort to destroy ideas..”

As Israel moves steadfast into the 21st century her institutions of art and culture, the celebration of diversity and difference and dialogue, and her commitment to sharing and collaborating with the world are embodied in the Israel Museum’s message and fervor for culture and art and provoking its visitors to think and reflect.

Let’s hope for more good Israel news devoid of conflict and immersed in hope, humanity, and humility.