Now is the time to buy Israeli wine

Over the past several years, the Bank of Israel has invested intense efforts to strengthen the dollar against the Israeli shekel, which has continued to gain in protest, thus harming exporters. Recently, in the wake of a series of international events, it happened – the dollar began a dramatic upturn. Now Israeli exporters can breathe easily, while importers are absorbing big losses.

This situation reminds us of the story of a company that participated in a government tender worth many millions. For the company, winning the tender would be a strategic breakthrough that would grant it forward momentum. Competition against the other contenders was stiff, and each participant had to improve its offer several times. At the end of the process, the deputy director was notified that the company had won the tender. In shock, he phoned the CEO, and said, “Shit… we won.”

As our betters have already said, every crisis gives birth to an opportunity, and here it is right in front of you – for all those whose primary currency is the dollar. You now have an opportunity that arises once every few years, to purchase Israeli wine of the highest level and at unusual prices – a veritable Eden for lovers of Israeli wine, or oenophiles in general. To put it quite simply, right now your dollar will buy more Israeli wine.

Now is the time to fulfill your dreams and fill the wine refrigerators and cellars with fine Israeli wines. Enjoyment is guaranteed, and now it’s much cheaper.

Here are some recommended wines (prices are in NIS, for purchase in Israel):

Yatir Forest 2010

Yatir Forest is the flagship wine of Yatir Winery, and it has become one of the leading wines of Israel. The wine is crafted from the vineyard’s highest quality grapes of that harvest year. For six harvests in a row, respected wine reviewer Robert Parker awarded this wine a score of 90 or above in Wine Advocate Magazine.

The wine was matured for 16 months in barrels of French oak, 1/3 new, and was aged for another year in the bottle at the winery before being placed on the market. As befitting Yatir Forest, the wine is rich in aroma and taste and has an extended aging capability. The composition of varieties changes in accordance with the character of the harvest, with the goal of bringing out the unique quality of the Yatir region and its vineyards.

Price: 259 NIS

*Score: 5 out of 5

Masada 2011

Masada 2011 is the flagship wine of Gvaot Winery. It is produced from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes from the winery’s vineyards, which are planted on the back slopes of the central hills of Samaria. The vineyards are tended by Dr. Shivi Drori, who is also the vintner.

The wine is aged in French oak barrels for 22 months at low temperatures, and will continue to age for years in bottles. This wine boasts strong fruit flavors, a mild hint of coffee, and finish with a pleasant acidity, dry and refined. In other words, a wine with long-term potential.

Price: 215 NIS

*Score: 4 out of 5

Cabernet Sauvignon Unfiltered 2010

This is the wine that has become legendary among wine-lovers – the flagship wine of Segal Winery, produced from Segal’s highest-quality vineyards in the Galilee. This wine has a rich body with flavors of blackberry and raspberry, and hints of cassis, cranberries and vanilla. The wine is a deep, gleaming purple in color, moving toward a dark hue.

Price: 219 NIS

*Score: 5 out of 5