Whose occupation?

Daily we hear the rants and ravings from Europeans,Americans, and others claiming that we Israelis are 'occupying' someone else's land.Needless to say, extant international law backs our claim to our land, but shall we examine the hypocrisy of these 'occupier nations'?
Let's start with the largest occupation, that of Russia's occupation of Siberia which has been going on since the end of the 16th century. Don't the indigenous peoples of Siberia have a right to self determination without the interference of the Russians?
Now how about the People's Republic of China which occupies not only Tibet, but also the western Uighur region along with large tracts of Mongolian land. Next in line of egregious occupiers, the Danes, who continue their hold over  Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland) after more than 800 years.
Suffice it to say that Indonesia is continuing its brutal occupation and cultural cleansing of Western Papua. Isn't Turkey still occupying Northern Cyprus as we speak?
Britain still maintains several 'overseas' colonial territories and France is holding a massive chunk of South America called Guiana, four times the size of Israel at the expense of the indigenous folk there. Suffice to say that every nation in the western hemisphere is in fact Native American land under occupation by Europeans, many agents of the Vatican itself. The United States in particular has failed time and time again to honor its treaty obligations with over 200 Native entities and continues to control over one trillion dollars in Native assets held 'in trust' keeping the interest for itself.
However, the focus is all on little Israel, defying the world by pioneering on lands in Shomron and Judea, our own land guaranteed by international law which the UN is blatantly ignoring as it is now controlled by despotic terrorist states. And yet again, isn't North Africa and parts of western Asia actually under the occupation of Arab Muslims who were not native to the area before the inception of Islam? Yes, what did happen to all those christian and Jewish communities which once lived there before 700 CE?....Some people should be 'occupying' their time with learning the facts instead of jumping on the Jew-hate wagon which is being actively encouraged world-wide and worst of all in the United States which has no business 'occupying' Native American land stolen by genocide,germ warfare, and forced removals.