The Result of Propagandized Hatred

 On July 05, 2017, when I went to my work, from the radio I heard that yesterday Armenian army had bombed a village named Alkhanli near the frontline and the bombardment had caused a death of 18 months old toddler, called Zahra Guliyeva. When I heard this news, I was shocked. How can a person or people bomb a village knowing that there were civilians in? I am aware that we are in war condition and it is normal to bomb a front, a military base, even to kill a soldier, but it is a village and innocent people live there. What kind of people can do such a big crime?

On the other hand, it is ridiculous, because Armenia is being supported by Russia and Iran. The first one is fighting with ISIS in Syria, pretending that they are protecting Syrian innocent people, but at the same time, Armenian army armed by Russia himself kills innocent kids in Azerbaijan. The latter, I mean Iran, claims that it is a leader Muslim country and its first goal to protect Muslims in the world, calls all Muslims to fight against Israel, but an 18 months old innocent muslim kid was killed not far from its border and Iran shuts its eyes, tries not to see this.

When I arrived to the work, my first business was to get much information about this crime. When I opened my Facebook account, I came across with another big surprise: Armenians write comment under the picture of this murdered innocent kid, congratulating each-others and even one Armenian young man wrote that he preferred to rape this kid, before killing her. It is terrifying.

Killing a kid is a big tragedy, but being happy for this and even insulting the murdered innocent kid is worse. What is a reason behind this horrible hatred?

There is a settlement called Ortajala in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgian republic. The population of this settlement mixed – Azerbaijanis, Armenians, and Georgians live there. Three years ago, one Georgian woman wrote on Facebook that when she had been 12 years old, she had an Armenian friend. They had watched video cassettes and later they had changed these cassettes and discussed the films. One day the Armenian girl gave her a cassette saying that yesterday they had watched the documentary film together with her family. 12 years old Georgian girl took the cassette and watched it: it was about Armenian tragedy, how Turks and Azerbaijanis had killed them etc. However, I do not know when and where we, Azerbaijanis, butchered them. We did not occupy their territory; on the contrary, they have occupied 20 per cent of Azerbaijan. If we did not occupy their territory and we did not enter any Armenian villages, districts and cities, how we can butcher them, I do not know.

We can say that waging propaganda about an enemy country is normal. I can understand this. However, I cannot understand how parents did make their 12 years old child watch such films and why they fill such kind of hatred into Armenian kids, if they want to live in peace in the Caucasus. 

In 1992, a tragedy called Khojaly Genocide happened in Azerbaijan. Armenian army occupied a little town and killed 613 people who had not been able to leave the town; 63 of butchered civilians were kids, 106 women, and 70 old men and women. After killing civilians, Armenians disfigured the corpses. 

I am 30 years old, when the Khojaly Genocide happened my I was 5 years old. My parents have never allowed me to watch any of films about the Khojaly Genocide, saying that it is inhumane and we do not want you to have any trauma. Even today, I cannot watch any films about this tragedy, because it is horrible. How can a human being with a heart and soul commit such a big crime?

I studied literature and when I was at university, I read Pushkin`s some poems. In one of his poems, he says: “You are an old woman. You are a coward, you are a slave; you are an Armenian!

 When I asked about it to my professor, she misunderstood me and reprimanded me by blaming me in taking Pushkin`s words out of context. And added that we can be in a war condition with Armenia, but we cannot allow our feelings to take control our mind. It is unethical to insult any nations. However, my purpose was not insulting any nations; I just wanted to know why he had used such kind of language against Armenians.

Unfortunately, I cannot see the same humane approach from Armenian side. For example there are 300 -600 thousands Azerbaijanis in the Georiguan Republic, and approximately the same quantity Armenians lives in the Georgian Republic. Every year, Armenian minority in Georgia celebrate the occupation of Shusha, one of cities in Karabakh that invaded by Armenia. It is a provocation against minority Azerbaijanis living in Georgia.

There is a Genocide Memorial Complex in Erevan, the capital of Armenia. Every year they burn the flag of Azerbaijan there. Burning Azerbaijani flag is a “great celebration” for them.  However, in despite of the fact that they invaded our territory, butchered our innocent people and continue to kill innocent people, we have never burned any Armenian flags in Azerbaijan. Because we do not want to spread hatred among the young generation, because we do not want to shed blood, because we consider the Caucasus our home and do not want to allow any other big countries to provoke any war against nations living here.

I cannot understand Armenia`s intention. What are they expecting to get by spreading hatred among Armenian youth? Today they rely on Russia and Iran, thinking that they will protect them from us. Why do they forget that one day Russia and Iran could collapse as Soviet Union did? In this case, who will protect them? Why do they want to shed blood, instead of finding a solution? Or do they think they will get victory by raising such a radical, inhumane generation?