The world's great dictators and the Paris Attacks

All the world’s great living dictators have come out to condemn the Paris Terror Attacks that took place on Friday night. Only two of them will be named here, Rhouhani and Assad. They were chosen purposefuly because not only do they support the Palestinians they also remind us of the Americans. And, of course, Obama couldn’t help adding his voice to all the rhetoric being bandied about.

Take the little Hitler of Syria, Mr Assad. He did manage after all to eradicate whole cities, displace hundreds of thousands of people and cross more redlines than Obama was able to draw (and then try to rub out). Assad is also a proud sponsor of terrorism and succeeded in fuelling Islamic militancy with his war against the ‘rebels’ in which hundreds of thousands of civilians were killed. So what gave him the right to make comments about terrorists? And shouldn’t terrorists refrain from commenting on other terrorists?
When Assad said the flawed policies pursued by Western countries with regards to the Middle East “contributed to the spread of terrorism” he might as well have been answering Obama in a live interview.  Obama and his failed policy of appeasement was made immediately obvious following the Paris attacks. He stated that as President of the United States of America he did not “want to speculate on who did this”. I mean, really. Did Obama honestly need a crystal ball to glimpse at and comment on the future? Or was he suggesting it could have been the Russians, the Amish, or the Tibetans who committed those sickening terrorist crimes in Paris? Last time there was trouble in Paris he also thought there was a ‘bunch of folks’ involved. And at that time we knew all the facts and knew he just didn’t want to mention them (even though we knew that he knew, who they were).
But back to Assad who said on Saturday that France’s ‘flawed’ Middle East policy is partly to blame for the attacks. This may seem like a strange thing to say, but if one looks at it in the context of the Western approach to Moslem fundamentalism he frankly may be right. It seems then that, dictators and terrorists with Chutzpah can sometimes say one or two things that actually make sense. Infrequent, yes. Unlikely , yes. Possible, well anythng is really. 

It has been reported by police since the attacks that a Syrian passport was found on one of the dead terrorists who played a part in them. So was the dead Syrian terrorist part of ISIS? And was he radicalised as a result of Assad’s policies? Was he just another Syrian ‘mistake’? Or was he posing as a Syrian just to give Syria and Assad a bad name? Or Obama a big ol’ headache?

And then of course our most favourite of all living dictators added his two cents to the piggy bank gang. It was reported by the Associated Press that Iranian president Rouhani cancelled his trip to France (security, dude. So, Shutup). The state-run IRNA news agency quoted Rouhani on Saturday as saying that Iran "itself has been a victim of the scourge of terrorism" and the fight against terrorism must go on. C’mon, if you haven’t laughed yet this is the one that has to have you really rolling in the aisles. And if not, at the very least crying (Just saying).
Rouhani said what?
Just re read his statement. (Dammit.)
Iran sponsors many assorted terror organisations, including Hezbollah, Al Shabab and those of the ‘Palestinians’. Even the United States was involved in turning around a shipment of Iranian armaments headed toward the dirty shores of terrorist organisations situated in the Middle East. And I didn’t say it was anywhere near ‘Palestine’ or meant for the poor ‘Palestinians’.
And I remain sure that when Rouhani was talking about Iran also being the victim of terrorism he really meant those pesky student demonstrators who recently were trying so hard to democratise Iran and were (unashamedly) ignored by Obama.
So once again our beloved Israel is not being proven to be right about Islamic fundamentalism, terrorism and the current wave it is experiencing of stabbings, stone throwings and the odd missile flying in from Gaza. It's voice has to stand in line behind those of the world’s great dictators, terrorists and useful idiots. But Israel’s time will come: around the same time that double standards, great PR work and hypocrisy’s true natures are revealed once and for all.