NY Rangers special with Ulf Nilsson, and more!

New York Rangers 1994 Stanley Cup Champions!
This week’s show started off with a BANG as Robert Hollander, The Sports Rabbi’s New York Rangers correspondent filled us in what has been going on in the Rangers vs. New Jersey Devils Eastern Conference Finals series. So far a tight series is just getting tighter as a tired NY club is trying to head to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since they won it back in 1994!

Ulf Nilsson! One of Hockey''s All Time Greats!
Then former New York Rangers and Winnipeg Jets great Ulf Nilsson (11:03) joined The Sports Rabbi from his home in Sweeden to talk about hockey! From his days in a Rangers uniform to his time in the WHA as a Jet we learn what is was like for this consummate professional to come over to North America and ply his trade as one of the first European players ever to do so!

Ulf Nilsson!
Ulf Nilsson also described his time as an International player for Sweeden’s National Team playing against the likes of the USSR, Finland and Canada in a variety of tournaments! We also discuss some of the great Swedes who have played in the NHL and about Ulf’s grandson’s Bar Mitzvah trip to Israel! So tune in to this one of a kind star!

Should Pau Gasol be traded?
Jon Scheiman (39:39) of True Hoops NY was up next as we got the low down on the NBA playoffs with The Sports Rabbi’s NBA correspondent! From the Los Angeles Lakers demise to the Oklahoma City Thunder’s convincing series victory we argue about Pau Gasol, Metta World Peace (the former Ron Artest and a teammate of Jon’s at St. John’s) and their weak bench play, to the superstars Kevin Durant, Russel Westbrook, and the great team play of the Thunder.

Has Danny Granger awoken LeBron James?
We also take a look at the San Antonio Spurs, the Kool Aid that Jon is not willing to drink (after 2 blow out series victories) to the Boston Celtics and of course the Miami Heat. Yes, the Heat team led by LeBron James who seems to have woken up as Jon’s prophetic post “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” seems to imply would happen and one who looks like he has turned the corner by coming out and making a STATEMENT in game 4 with 40 points!

Is Johnny Damon a Hall of Famer?
Dave Faris (1:14:54) The Sports Rabbi’s MLB correspondent was next on tap next as we checked out the latest around the National & American Legaues. From the Contenders to Pretenders we look at who will remain in the race like the Los Angeles Dodgers to the teams that will not make it come playoff time! We also discuss Hall of Fame credentials of Dale Murphy, Chipper Jones, Jack Morris, Vladimir Guerrero & Johnny Damon.

Dustin Penner sends the LA Kings to the Stanley Cup Finals!

Doc Ike (1:35:52) The Sports Rabbi’s NHL correspondent closed out the show with an NHL update looking at the Los Angeles Kings vs. Phoenix Coyotes series, why has LA been so dominant and are they the team to beat as they head into their second ever Stanley Cup Finals Series! We also examine the Montreal Canadiens and who their next coach may be as well as the World Championships Tournament. 

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